Milk Benefits - Is Drinking Milk for Muscle Growth Dangerous?

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s drinking milk for muscle growth dangerous?

Learn why the milk benefits of a dairy-rich diet outweigh the pitfalls.

Drinking Milk

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For generations of children who grew up enjoying a daily pinta of the white stuff, milk was once considered the ultimate health drink packed with essential minerals and vitamins. How times change! In recent years, the benefits of a dairy-rich diet have been offset by frightening health scares, making it a dietary villain.

But, wait...could the pendulum be about to swing in the opposite direction?

Recent emerging evidence suggests so, and proposes drinking milk is actually good for you.

This is fantastic news if you want to build your body and boost your well-being, as the following health benefits of milk show.

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Health Benefits of Milk

    1. Boost your brain

    Drinking a pint of milk a day does more than just build your body. It also boosts your brain.

    In a recent study, Australian scientists discovered how regularly consuming dairy products may improve memory function. The results, published in the latest edition of the journal Appetite found working memory improved after just a few months on a high-dairy diet.

    How did this happen? Scientists believe the rich content of nutrients such as calcium, potassium and magnesium helped bolster the brain's performance.

    2. Super skimmed

    Did you know drinking skimmed milk every day could slash your risk of high blood pressure by nearly a third?

    Researchers from Wageningen University in the Netherlands studied 2,245 men and women aged 55 or over who had no signs of high blood pressure and monitored their eating habits over a 10-year period.

    What did they find? Results showed the risk of developing high blood pressure was reduced by almost 30% for those who consumed the most low-fat dairy products such as skimmed milk and low-fat yoghurts.

    So if you want to increase your protein intake and protect your heart, select skimmed milk.

    3. Deter diabetes

    Could your daily pinta also deter you from developing diabetes? Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health in Boston suggest so.

    In their study, they showed how a dairy-rich diet seems to reduce a teenagers Type 2 diabetes risk by approximately 38%.

    What caused this risk reduction? Scientists believe drinking milk in adolescence not only promotes a healthier lifestyle, but milk's nutrients may also reduce insulin resistance which is a precursor to the development of diabetes.

In Summary

Is drinking milk for muscle growth dangerous?

Science shows how the milk benefits of a dairy-rich diet not only outweigh the pitfalls, but make it the health drink you remember from your childhood.

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