Mini Skirts and Isometric Exercise

by Lee

Isometric exercise isn't used all that often these days, but it wasn't always that way. Hop into a time-machine and whiz back to the swinging 60s, and the fitness world was a very different place.

In the era of The Beatles and the Mini skirt, isometric exercise was busy sweeping the planet and helping athletes smash records and ordinary Joe's build Superman physiques - indeed, for many this new lifting craze was heralded as revolutionary.

Yet fast forward just a handful of years and the groundbreaking isometrics system had all but disappeared. So what happened? And why has isometric training been mostly forgotten and consigned to the dusty annals of history?

It is a story worth repeating because it features two of the most important and influential characters in the world of strength training. The isometrics story also tells how the ultimate strength exercise - and abbreviated training at its most effective and best - became a victim of scandal and was consigned to the fitness scrap heap.

To learn more, see the ultimate strength exercise

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