Mr. America and the Deadlift

by Lee

"If you work the heck out of the deadlift," Mr. America Tony Pandolfo used to say in his 1960s heyday, "you'll get growth in your upper and lower back, thighs and hips. If you press or bench hard, your upper body will take off!"

Inspiring words to get big and strong by. But perhaps more importantly, these words show what is possible with an ultra-abbreviated routine employing just a few basic lifts.

But wait. You need to work ALL the muscles to build a strong and muscular body, don't you?

Yes. That is true.

But did you know the basic lifts provide all the muscle building firepower you are ever going to need?

Martial arts fitness instructor Pavel Tsatsouline explains: "Build up to respectable poundage on your basic lifts - and the lazy muscles will be forced to do their part!" That means, say goodbye to pea shooter isolation exercises, and say hello to the cannon power of compound moves such as the deadlift.

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