Muscle Building Diet - Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins

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Your muscle building diet can be found in your refrigerator and food cupboard.

Happily, there are NO magic ingredients - no magic muscle building foods - that will deliver results...

Instead the 'magic' ingredients are within easy reach, and can be found at your supermarket, your fruit & veg stall, along with your corner shop!

All that is required are 3 square meals a day that are healthful and satisfy your hunger and your job is done :-)

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Healthful Muscle Building Diet Choices

Let's begin with 5 portions of fruit & or veg a day. The benefits gained by hitting this target is well known but how many of us actually achieve it?

However, good news tells us these targets can be easily met by some careful planning and by some sensible food choices...

For example:

Make fruit a part of your lunchbox instead of a granola bar - half the calories but twice the goodness! Your lunchbox banana will also keep energy levels up and avoid the familiar 'sugar-crash'!

These kinds of choices aren't difficult to implement...

Adopting the fruit & veg rule will not only make you feel better, but will make you look better too!


Carbohydrates have had a bad press recently just as fat was the food villain before. Yet carbohydrates aren't bad, per se. Where the problem lies is in the 'choice' of carbohydrates!

For example:

Fruit & vegetables are carbohydrates, but I defy you to find a scientist who will denounce fruit & veg as bad for you (along with high-quality proteins and fats we are 'designed' to eat these kinds of carbohydrates).

The problems begin in choosing refined and over-processed carbohydrates like sweets and pastries. Here the human body struggles to recognise the carbohydrate as 'natural' and the difficulties start.

I'm not saying these carbohydrates should be shunned altogether; I'm saying these overly processed foods shouldn't form the spine and backbone of a person's diet.

Good choices should come first.

When this happens, a little of what you fancy doesn't do you harm, but does you good!


Fats, like carbohydrates, have witnessed a bad press too. If your margarine isn't going to kill you (trans-fatty-acids, eek!), then your butter WILL (artery clogging cholesterol, ouch!).

And yet, in moderation, fats are good for you.

As with certain types of carbohydrates, we are engineered to consume them (nuts, seeds, berries formed a vital part of your ancestors diet!) to shun them, as with carbohydrates, is wrong.

Instead we should be looking to our choices, and where possible, these choices should be healthy and natural.

If a food can be readily digested, that food can be used.

If our choice is natural, the human body (and the digestive process in particular) will thank you :-)


The same can be said for proteins. It holds true that whatever our ancestors ate is also good for us (food that is in its natural, unprocessed state). The problems start when food is engineered and tampered with; avoid this by making SMART choices and your body will thank you for it!

Again we need look no further than the basic muscle building diet staples: fish; meats; poultry...and in moderation, cheeses and some dairy. Once more the rule of thumb applies, as with carbohydrates and fats, to go with natural and healthy.

The confusing conundrum that is 'diet' is really very simple! It's mankind that made it complicated!

Muscle Building Diet Basics

Make mostly sensible diet choices, and the occasional treat won't do you harm - in fact a little decadence should be encouraged!

However, what is vital is that you fuel your workouts by making wise choices...

Do this and your muscle building fitness is guaranteed!

And what is your primary source of muscle building fuel?

Yep. You guessed it...

It's the one dietary element shrouded in more mystery than any other - your premier choice of muscle building foods!

And it's ALSO where we're going next ;-)

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