"Perfect Body Size and Why You Are Suffering from Fisherman's Blues"

Seeking the perfect body size?

Let me tell you why you could be suffering from fisherman's blues.

Fisherman's Blues

Today Jonathon Mizel is perhaps most famous for being the editor of The Online Marketing Letter, which purports to be the longest running business publication on the Web. He is also the go-to-guy for paid traffic, having set the gold standard.

Indeed, such are his credentials, this marketing "guru" has probably taught more people than anyone else online. Impressive stuff.

Yet this wasn't always the case. Twenty years ago things were quite different. 

Gone Fishing

The year was 1993 and Mizel was working in San Francisco as an insurance broker and despising every minute of it. Despite the great money, he hated the people he worked with – and sickened by his miserable life, Mizel set about hatching a plan to turn his world around.

Mizel’s idea was simple: he would create a business helping other insurance brokers get leads. A guy by the name of Bill Myers was teaching people how to create info-marketing products, and Mizel purchased the course and phoned him a week later telling Myers what he had in mind…

Following Mizel’s pitch, Myers remained stony silent. Then Myers asked: “Do you like the insurance business?”

Mizel replied: “No, man. I hate the freaking insurance business. The people are miserable and all they ever do is complain. I go into the office, and it’s like we are all a part of the living dead. That’s why I want to be a direct response marketer, to get the hell out.”

Myers then asked why he wanted to focus on the insurance business if he hated it so much, to which Mizel said: “It seems like the easiest way to make a million dollars.”

“You want to make a million bucks?” Myers asked. “What would you do if you had a million bucks right now?”

“Easy, I’d go fishing.”

Then Myers said something so profoundly true that it literally snatched Mizel’s breath away. It was this: 

“Son, it doesn’t take a million dollars to go fishing, just go.”

That was the moment Mizel realised he could live the life he truly wanted, and that he didn’t need to be a millionaire to do it.

The Perfect Body Size

So, what does this story have to do with your training?

Quite a lot, as it happens.

You see, there is a very good chance you have found yourself in a similar situation to the wannabe fisherman in our story: wanting to transform your body, you have put it off until circumstances are perfect. 

For example, maybe you want to begin exercising but can't find the time or gym membership fee to get started. Or perhaps you want to clean up your diet and get healthy, but are waiting until things in your life are less stressful.

And here is the cruel irony.

Many of those things that you put aside until a more favourable time can be done today.

That exercise program you want to try? A set of home gym dumbbells and an abbreviated workout makes your dream an instant reality. The cost? Five minutes of your time and a couple of dollars if you buy your bells second-hand.

The same holds true for your diet. Just like your exercise program, you can begin making a start on your food choices this very minute  – you really don’t have to wait. 

Thomas Jefferson called it right when he said:

"Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today."

What did the United States president mean by that? Simply this: too many folks focus on the future or the past. And while we might lament the past and plan for the future, it is only in the present, right now, that we actually get things done...

This includes your quest for the perfect body size and the powerhouse strength to back it up.

So don't suffer from the fisherman's blues. Like Bill Myers so eloquently said: “Son, it doesn’t take a million dollars to go fishing, just go.”

Now go check out The Waterboys' Mike Scott...

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