"Interview with Trainer and Coach Ross Enamait"

Trainer and coach Ross Enamait is the founder of RossTraining.com and is dedicated to excellence and innovations in high performance conditioning and strength development.

Committed to helping today's athletes, I think you'll enjoy hearing what Ross has to say.

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Ross Enamait Interview

1. Hi, Ross. As a trainer and coach, what is your favourite thing about your job?

    I have been involved in the sport of boxing for more than half my life. Just waking up every day and being back in the gym with the fighters is a reward in itself. 

    I enjoy training the athletes and helping them improve themselves in and out of the gym. Having someone rely on me to help them is both an honor and a privilege.

    There isn’t a day I take for granted. Therefore, I couldn’t pinpoint a single aspect about my job that I enjoy the most. I just enjoy it, period.  

2. Who would you say has been your biggest training influence and why? 

    I have had so many influences that it would be impossible to list them all. 

    A few that come to mind are some of my previous trainers and mentors such as Rollie Pier, Harry Figueroa, Pepe Vasquez, Cisco Zayas, and Kent Ward. These are all men that I was around in the boxing gym as a young fighter. 

    I certainly learned from them all and am happy to pass on the knowledge that they so willingly shared with me. 

3. As a father and husband in your 30s, how has your training changed from when you were a teenager?  

    My training has not changed because I am a father and husband. The greatest change for me is a shift in focus.

    As a teenager, I was a competitive fighter so I was only focused on myself. As a trainer to others, my own training is more of a hobby. 

    I certainly work hard but I don’t make a living by working out. I train early in the morning before my day begins - I then shift my focus towards my athletes. They are my primary concern.  

4. If you could travel back in time, what training advice would you pass onto your teenage self? 

    I’d certainly stress the importance of patience. I didn’t have it as a youngster. 

    I had multiple hand injuries as a fighter and would always rush back to training before my body was ready. I never gave myself time to heal - I lived in the moment, and didn’t think about the future.  

    Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise however, as I wouldn’t have begun training others if it weren’t for my previous injuries.   

5. If you were shipwrecked on a desert island, what single piece of training equipment would you take with you and why? 
    I’d be fine without equipment. Bodyweight exercise has no limits. There is always a way to make an exercise more difficult.  

    I’d also welcome the challenge of building my own homemade tools from whatever was available on the island. Even in our civilized world, more than half of the equipment in my gym is homemade. 

    It is rare that I purchase exercise equipment. Almost every video that I have on Youtube is based on a homemade design.  

6. What are your training goals for the future? 
    I am always working on new challenges, but I can’t say there is a specific goal that I’m looking to achieve in the immediate future. 

    Most of my goals are related to my athletes and where I’d like to take them in the future. Once again, they are my priority. 

    I’ll keep working hard in the gym as well, but I just follow wherever my passion leads me. It is difficult for me to say what I’ll be working on from month to month.

Thank you for your time, Ross. I know I speak for all our readers when I wish you every future success.

To discover how Ross Enamait can help improve your fitness, visit Ross Training

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