by Ben

In the article about "Stretching' the important thing to remember is to Stretch AFTER your muscles have been thoroughly warmed up.
I cringe when I see someone come into the gym and begin to stretch.
Who told them to do this???
I liken stretching a cold muscle to placing a chewed piece of chewing gum into the freezer for a hour, then taking it out and immediately trying to stretch it!
Damage to the "Connective Tissue" will result.
But most people that entertain training in a gym have NO idea what connective tissue is or how to introduce themselves to rigorous training!
Most Gyms OFFER a training "Package" but the prices are ridiculous. But all gyms make everyone sign a Waiver, in case of accidental injury. But is is an accident when these Hired Pros know full well you are new to this??

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Flexibility Fiction
by: Lee

Thanks, Ben. Another mistake you often see in gyms, is when trainers try to represent weightlifting as a panacea that can build all the aspects of fitness. This isn't only wrong, but it is irresponsible too.

Want to build flexibility? Bend and stretch your body without forcing it artificially.

What you must not do, is perform heavy squats with your "ass to the grass" in the mistaken belief such exaggerated exercise form will increase flexibility. It won't. Instead you will risk injury. Perhaps permanently.

Most trainers should think hard about that before dishing out dangerous advice and spreading flexibility fiction.

The Paths We Choose to Travel
by: Anonymous Ben

I wish I had a little more guidance as to the direction I was about to choose for my life, back in High School. I began my studies as an Engineer, but wish (as I look Back) that I had gone into the Arts.
I know that many men today (My Age 58)can testify to this.
Choosing what direction you SHOULD pursue in Health and Fitness training can also create some disappointments as well.
There are Three:
1. A strong balance of Cardio and Muscle strength and content.
2. Measurably more interest in pursuing Endurance, Long Distance running or Bike etc.
3. Bulk muscle production, Static weight lifting, High Protien diets etc.

How to Build Flexibility Easily
by: Lee

You are right, Ben. The pursuit of health and fitness is a noble and rewarding goal. Because of this, it's important the trainee finds time to address all the necessary elements.

Try these tips:
  • Begin modestly. All forms of exercise respond best to consistent, sustained effort - and this is just as true for a stretching program. Want to build flexibility easily? Better to start with 6 stretches every few days and build your suppleness gradually.

  • Stretch between sets. Because between-sets recovery time isn't used much, take advantage of this opportunity and build your flexibility between exercises.

  • Stretch after cardio. The warm-down period of cardiorespiratory work is rarely used either, so why not target this time to stretch? Remember: already warm muscles respond best to a flexibility program.

The Three Paths
by: Anonymous

As was suggested earlier in this Blog, there are (for all intents and purposes) Three Distinct "Areas" in the Fitness Paradyme.
As suggested Above, the # 1 fitness Level Achievement, would be preferrable in laying down a strong foundation.
But what is it you really want?
What are your Goals?
High Intensity muscle development, creates Smaller harder more detailed muscles.
They become this way as a direct result of what they are being asked to perform.
The Healthy human body will Immediately begin the Process of ADAPTING to it's Present workload.
The Human Body is ALWAYS on it's guard, it WILL Conserve "Body Fat and consume lean muscle, IF it believes the Diet you are on, is cutting fat to quickly! If you are trainingh in a high Intensity program, your body WILL make your muscles MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT!!
Smaller, Harder...
And so...Do Not expect to "Weigh in Like or Look Like, a Body Builder.

Like the Tides
by: Anonymous

Even a tiny grain of sand can tell a story of a million years of change.
The Universe is teaching us a valuable lesson.
Change, is something that is Always happening, but our species have only had a tiny glimpse.
Every Wave upon the sea is different, the Tide come and goes.
Even as little children we are aquainted with terms of Physical development like Growth Spirts.
With forty one years in the Muscle Game, Thousands of hours in the gym, dozens of Competion Wins and Loses, making every diet and training mistake possible and still trying to avoid the next one hundred to come.
I have learned one thing...
Be honest in everything you do, first to yourself, then to others.
Keep training, the muscles will respond eventually, the Human Body is Not a Machine, it Ebbs and Flows Like Nature designed it to.

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