Symptoms of Overtraining - 6 Deadly Signs of Overtraining

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Shattered from the symptoms of overtraining?

See the 6 deadly signs of overtraining you must avoid.

Am I Overtraining?

When was the last time you asked, Am I Overtraining? Few trainees consider this vital question, yet in many cases this condition is the major cause of their training problems.

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But asking this question is only the beginning.

Recognizing the symptoms of overtraining - and knowing how to respond to them - is crucial if you want to build muscle, strength and fitness healthily.

So how do the first signs of overtraining start?

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Signs of Overtraining

The signs of overtraining typically begin when the body is exposed to more stress than it can handle. Oftentimes, the trouble starts when you are training too frequently or doing too much.

Yet this doesn't tell the whole story. Why is that? Overtraining rarely occurs overnight, but is commonly an accumulative process that takes weeks, months - and in many cases - years of demanding too much from your body. Demands of this sort mean chronic overtraining is only a short step away.

To prevent this from happening, we must know the overtraining signs to watch out for.

6 Deadly Signs of Overtraining

    1. Poor poundage progression.

    Failure to frequently add iron onto your bar tops this deadly list. All people have occasional bad workouts, but if you are struggling to make consecutive gains, then chances are you are overtrained.

    2. Fighting fatigue.

    Are you feeling more tired and sore than usual after your workouts? A healthy body soon bounces back from exercise, so if you feel drained - even after getting plenty of sleep - such fatigue could be a sign of overtraining.

    3. Struggle to sleep.

    Even though you are very tired, do you often struggle to sleep? Disrupted sleep patterns, and an inability to return to sleep when awoken during the night, is often a common symptom of ovetraining. You will never learn how to improve sleep until you reduce this stress on your body.

    4. Aches and pains.

    An increasing number of aches and pains, and injuries that stubbornly refuse to heal, is a clear sign you are doing too much.

    5. Suppressed immune system.

    Do you get frequent colds and often feel under the weather? A suppressed immune system could be the problem. When you repeatedly push your muscles to their limits, your body begins to exhibit overtraining signs. These overtraining effects mean a lowering of your natural defenses leaving you open to attack from viruses and infection.

    6. Depressed appetite.

    Depressed appetite and reduced food intake is an indicator that you could be training too often. A fit and energized body burns calories swiftly, while a drained body does not. If you fail to feel hungry at mealtimes, and are sluggish afterwards, there is a good chance you are overtraining.

In Summary

Shattered from the symptoms of overtraining? The 6 deadly signs of overtraining shows which dangers to avoid.

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