How to Improve Sleep - 3 Ways to Improve Sleep and Increase Fitness

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ant to know how to improve sleep WITHOUT counting sheep?

Discover 3 ways to improve sleep and increase fitness.

Ways to Improve Sleep

If counting sheep is failing to send you to a peaceful night's sleep, perhaps it's time you dispensed with Little Bo Peep's wooly flock and instead turned your attention to your efforts in the gym.

Indeed, research shows that not only is exercise an effective health-booster, but it is ALSO one of the best ways to improve sleep.

So before you go reaching for your cookies and warm milk, why not check out your 3-step guide to a better night's sleep!

Snooze to Success...

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How to Improve Sleep - 3 Ways to Improve Sleep and Increase Fitness

1. Stress-busting.

Stress is the number one enemy of a relaxing night's repose. Capable of interrupting even Rip Van Winkle in mid-slumber, you would do well to avoid this snooze bandit if you are able.

So what is the best way to bust stress?

Say goodnight to your television and computer, and instead say hello to a pet and moderate exercise.

Science shows how just a short walk before retiring for the night can do much to dispel the stresses of the day. This is why walking "man's best friend" last thing in the evening can have such a positive effect on dog owners in particular (research shows pet owners exhibit significantly less stress than non-pet owners).

Indeed, so effective are our furry friends at lowering tension and stress, that a recent study of pet owning hypertensive New York stockbrokers, revealed they had lower blood pressure and heart rates when compared with their compatriots who didn't have pets. On hearing the results, most of the non-pet group immediately rushed out to buy pets!

And why are your TV and PC such slumber stealers?

Unlike a relaxing walk, your television and computer will add stress to your busy day - the last thing you want when getting ready for a peaceful night's rest.

2. Get your 6-8.

How much sleep is enough? Results of a study funded by the National Centre of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, showed how sleeping 6 hours or less corresponded with those participants who reported the highest stress levels.

Moreover, these same participants were revealed to have a tougher time slimming down, thereby proving the importance of enough sleep when looking to reduce fat or maintain a healthy weight.

So is sleep REALLY the dream recipe to losing weight, and how can you get the hours of sleep needed?

Lead author Dr Charles Elder, from the Kaiser Permanente Centre, believes so, claiming dieters should "cut back on their schedules" to shift the flab. He goes onto say: "Some people may need to go to bed earlier, while others may find that exercise can reduce stress and help them sleep."

3. Deep breaths.

Have you ever been away on holiday and discovered you sleep like a baby as soon as your head hits the pillow? Say "hello" to the mighty miracle of fresh air and exercise - a dynamic duo promoted by muscleman Eugene Sandow as far ago as the last century.

Contrast fresh air and exercise to being cooped up in a cramped office all day, and you can see why being outdoors is not only preferable for your state of mind, but is where you function optimally.

This is why you should ALWAYS try to get some outdoor exercise every day (a stroll at lunchtime is a great stress-buster) and, if you are able, do your strength training outside.

Your reward will not only be a stronger and healthier body, but a more relaxing night's sleep.

In Summary

Want to know how to improve sleep WITHOUT counting sheep?

Discover 3 ways to improve sleep and increase fitness, leading to a healthier and stress-free you.

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