Top Muscular Strength Exercises - Isolation Exercises Dangers

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Are you using the top muscular strength exercises in your workout?

Discover the primary muscle building movements and why you need them in your routine.

Primary Muscle Building Movements

Walk into any gymnasium in the world and you will find trainees using the wrong strength training exercises. Instead of selecting those primary exercises that build the substance of your physique, they blindly follow the herd and choose those secondary movements that plug the gaps.

What do these secondary movements look like? They are isolation and detail exercises such as:

  • Leg extensions
  • Pec deck
  • Lateral raises
  • Concentration curls
  • Cable cross overs
  • Triceps kickbacks.
Most gym goers will recognize these exercises and use some of them in their workouts. Yet what these SAME gym goers often fail to realize is this: hardly any trainee - even the very experienced - have built anywhere near enough muscle mass to warrant the use of these isolation exercises.

In short, they have allowed secondary movements to distract them from doing what they should have focussed on in the beginning...

And what is that?

They should have selected the primary muscle building movements to develop muscular strength.

Isolation Exercises Dangers

So why are isolation exercises so dangerous? Generally speaking, the secondary movements rob your recuperative system and recovery mechanisms. By draining already strictly limited reserves, these isolation exercises can curtail your progress in the big muscle and strength building exercises.

This situation becomes increasingly perilous the more often you train (exercising too frequently while using typical standard workouts).

Because of these factors, isolation exercises have no place in abbreviated and ultra-abbreviated workouts and must be avoided at all costs.

Hammer Time

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Yet the problems don't end there. Not only will isolation exercises drain your limited reserves, but they are vastly inferior training tools.

Or to put it another way: isolation exercise are simply TOO SMALL!

Building muscular strength can be likened to digging up a road - it is a serious and labour intensive business demanding the biggest tools available to you. If presented with this job, would you choose a lightweight tack hammer to perform the work, or would you select a heavy duty pneumatic jackhammer capable of breaking through rock, pavement and concrete?

Of course, you would select the high-powered jackhammer. Why? Because a big job demands BIG tools.

Photo courtesy of Alan Levine

More Muscle with Less Work

So if isolation exercises should be avoided, which primary strength training exercises should you choose?

Here are three criteria such exercises must meet:

  1. Engage most muscle mass
  2. Testosterone booster
  3. Allow most weight to be used.
Primary movements that meet these demands are typically compound exercises such as the squat, deadlift, pull up and parallel bar dip. Such exercises are crucial to you because they focus on pushing, pulling and lifting heavy objects - the three key elements of muscular strength.

Indeed, employing these exercises is high-reward/low effort, as they help your workouts become more efficient while maximizing gains.

What does that mean to you? You produce more muscle with less work.

In Summary

Are you using the top muscular strength exercises in your workout?

Discover the primary muscle building movements and why you need them in your routine.

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