Training Recovery Time

by Lee

When Bing Crosby sang Busy Doing Nothing in the film "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court", little did the languorous crooner realize he had stumbled on one of the essential training principles - the type of principle that makes you bigger and stronger and results in more efficient workouts.

But how can 'doing nothing' make your training more efficient?

Rest and training recovery time are subjects routinely glossed over by the health and fitness community. Yet to understand the pivotal part rest and recovery plays in your training, often means the difference between failure or success.

This is why training frequency is so important.

In short, the body must be allowed adequate time between workouts to fully recover and adapt or gains will falter. Exercise alone does not produce the improvements in the body. Exercise can only STIMULATE the body to produce the improvements.

And if too much exercise is performed too often - what happens then?

Doing more exercise than is minimally necessary will hurt rather than help your gains. Here is where the proper adjustment of training volume and frequency can prove so valuable to you.

By following Bing's example - and 'doing nothing' - you promote the process of recovery and adaptation thereby making your training more efficient.

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