Value of the Lunge Exercise

by Lee

I took up the lunge exercise some years ago when a lower back injury made the squat difficult for me. I was a victim of lazy thinking, believing heavier weights equalled a more productive exercise - after all, isn't the squat the king of the muscle building jungle?

Sadly, its crown doesn't fit so snugly for everybody, and I would soon learn the true value of the lunge from necessity.

Who cares if you can't handle the same heavy weights? I know, I don't.

What matters, is that you are able to train effectively and pain-free.

As soon as I made this leap of faith, I was able to wave goodbye to crippling lower back pain and discover the merits of a truly remarkable exercise.

So to all the readers out there, I send out this challenge: try a lunge variation in your workouts, and you will be amazed at its impact on your strength and fitness!

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