Warm Up or Stretch

by John Pike

As I look around the gym, I see people stretching before they even lift a weight. This is incorrect and damaging!

Stretching is best done at the end of your workout time, when muscles are warm and pliable.

Stretching a cold muscle is like putting a piece of well-chewed gum in the fridge for an hour. When you take the gum out and attempt to stretch it, it snaps.

Connective tissue damage will result in the long term, and difficulty building muscle will plague you.

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Pyramid Up
by: Muscle by John

The "Old School Method" to grow mass was the "Pyramid Up". Long before there were phamaceutical grade supplements, and before there were steroids, there was basic and intelligent hard work.

Why did the "Pyramid Up" method work so well?

The primary reason was that you STOPPED working a muscle group (in that particular technique) on your last, and most importantly, your HEAVIEST SET.


Leaving a lasting impression is what growing muscle is all about.

The Worst Thing That Happened to Bodybuilding
by: Muscle by John

Jane Fonda and the plethora of aerobic folks entered the fitness industry with the fat burning/muscle toning, twenty-minute nonsense that of course included "Stretching". Yuk!

I never stretch (before or after)! Stretching pampers the muscle and pacifies the work done IN the muscle!

If a baby is crying for attention and you stick a dummy in its mouth, it stops crying.

If a muscle and nerve are calling out to the brain for support due to an emergency, the last thing you want to do is silence that call!!

Challenge Yourself
by: Muscle by John

When I see them I become so troubled: people using walkers and canes, young ones and old ones too. It seems we are addicted to crutches and canes in Western society - but do people REALLY need to spend the rest of their lives like this?

Janet was 64-years-old, and was in a serious car crash that killed her younger brother, that was in 1980. Her legs were crushed. After several surgeries, she was laid up for four years, and went from a walker to a cane. Then Janet met someone who changed her life...

Complaining of searing pain, Janet's friend told her that she was "FAVORING" her disability.

Janet's friend took her to the gym. Initially frightened, Janet ended up being delighted when her friend said "OK, that's enough for today". Why was Janet so happy? Two life-changing minutes on the treadmill.

That was seven months ago. Today Janet does a spinning class for an hour twice a week, and the other three days, she does heavy static lifts. Where once Janet weighed 300 lbs, she now weighs 223 and is complaining still...only now it's all about the new wardrobe she needs to buy!

Janet at 11 Months
by: musclebyjohn

If you read the story about Janet, you would probably like to know how she is doing.
the last time we wrote, it was 7 months into her new life of diet and training.
today marks the 11th month.
since her last report when she had reduced her weight from 300lbs to 235 in 7 months.
well...she is now 201 lbs at 11 months and going strong!
thank you musclebyjohn

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