"Weight Training Exercises for Beginners Focus on Thighs, Hips and Back"

Feeling lost and confused?

Discover the best weight training exercises for beginners and how they build your body.

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Strength Training for Beginners

You are faced with a problem. Your dilemma? You're a beginner and want to build your body but don't know which exercises to choose.

Welcome to the world of the neophyte. A world where the beginner often selects entirely inappropriate exercises and strength training programs to transform their physique.

Here is what typically happens...

Specialization Exercises Dangers

Walk into any gymnasium and you will witness teenage boys blasting their biceps on programs dominated by arm exercises.

Unaware of their muscle building mistake, they commonly choose ineffective specialization exercises to transform their physique BEFORE they have laid the required foundation.

What they don't realize is this: you cannot stimulate a significant increase in muscle size before building the main structures of the body. The average beginner simply won't get much meat on their arms, shoulders, chest and neck until they first add muscle to their thighs, hips and back.

This is why the best biceps program in the world won't build your arms - or any other small areas of your body - until the bigger areas are already of considerable size.

Yet despite this important muscle building law, you continue to see beginners with thin arms, narrow shoulders and shallow chests, grinding out set after set of specialization exercises in a vain attempt to add muscle. Simply, these beginners have chosen the wrong exercises.

So what should they have done?

Are You Training Your Thighs, Hips and Back?

The neophyte should have chosen an abbreviated beginner weight training routine that focused on the big areas of the body.

Why? There is a knock-on effect that occurs when you exercise the larger areas of the physique. Add substantial size to the thigh, hip and back structure, and the smaller areas come along in size too.

This correlation is an important muscle building law, because you cannot get big and strong in the thighs, hips and back structure, and expect the rest of your body to remain the same. It just won't happen.

As the larger body areas grow, so does everything else.

How does this muscle building law help the weight training beginner? It makes your exercise selection easy. It means you choose those primary movements that train the larger body areas most vigorously and effectively. It means you develop the strength and size of the main muscular structures of the body, thereby resulting in greater size and strength of the smaller areas.

It means you build a strength foundation first.

Best Weight Training Exercises for Beginners

This is why the beginner should forget any specialization exercises until they have put some real effort into the primary movements first.

Movements like the squat and deadlift, together with an upper body movement like the parallel bar dip.

These are your best weight training exercises for beginners and your proven mass builders.

Make these exercises the cornerstone of your routine. Focus on building the poundage by 50% or more. Do this, continue to add more iron to your barbell, and you will soon see size increases in the rest of your physique.

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