What is 5 a Day? - Wonder Pill to Change Fruits and Veggies Eating Habits Forever

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o what is 5 a day and could a new wonder pill change your fruits and veggies eating habits forever?

About 5 a Day

A new wonder pill containing all the goodness of the recommended 5 a day servings of fruit and vegetables could change your eating habits for the foreseeable future. The makers claim each capsule is packed with all the vitamins and essential nutrients found in a kilo of fresh fruit and veggies and will become a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Already a sensation in the US, the 5 a day pill has been endorsed by the Swiss, German and Dutch Olympic teams.

So why the excitement?

Scientific evidence shows the pills not only boost levels of cancer-fighting antioxidants in the blood, but also slashes levels of cysteine - an amino acid which can increase the risk of heart disease.

What does this mean to you? With many of us struggling to eat the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables, this new supplement could help you hit your healthy diet guidelines without any of the fuss.

Juice Plus+

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The 5 a day wonder pill is called Juice Plus+ and contains 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains which are ground into a powder using a unique drying process which avoids damaging the sensitive micronutrients.

UK distributor Justin Dodd believes the pills could help busy people "hit their 5 a day" while also helping dieters to control weight gain.

Mr Dodd, managing director of Evolve Training, goes onto say: "Juice Plus+ really is a wonderful pill in every sense. It literally contains all 5 portions of your recommended minimum 5 a day and can be taken on the move without any fuss. This means everyone can still get their intake of vitamins and minerals regardless of how busy they are."

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Your 5 a Day Servings of Fruit and Veg

However, a word of caution: the manufacturers insist Juice Plus+ is not meant to replace fresh fruits and vegetables, but is intended to help people who struggle to meet their optimum 5 a day levels.

So what are your 5 a day targets?

The UK Government's nutritional goals are for people to eat 440g of fruits and/or vegetables every day and 18g of fiber (if you are training hard, these figures become crucial).

However, researchers discovered no country in the UK fully meets these guidelines. In fact, alarming figures released last year, showed Britons were actually becoming less likely to eat the recommended servings of fruit and veg, with only a third or so actually consuming their 5 a day.

Fruits and Veggies on Your Menu

But before you go rushing to place your order of this wonder pill, consider the sobering words of independent nutritionist Angela Dowden.

    She says: "It would be dubious of anything claiming to give you your 5 a day in a pill. Where is the bulk and fiber which give fruit and vegetables their valuable stomach-filling properties? And what's lost during the processing of all that produce?"

    Dowden goes onto warn: "There are also benefits to spreading fruit and vegetables intake over a day. Time and again we find nature knows best about how to provide good nutrition and though this might be a tempting shortcut, it's not one I would rely on."

In Summary

So what is 5 a day and could a new wonder pill change your eating habits forever?

We believe supplements should never become a substitute for "real food" and that fruits and veggies should rate high on your muscle building menu.

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