"How to Get Your Strongest Body in 16 Weeks"

How much stronger will you be in 16 weeks? If this question hasn't crossed your mind recently, then perhaps it should.

Stronger in 16 Weeks

For those trainees coached by Eric Cressey, this question becomes paramount. Writing in "Maximum Strength", Eric outlines a program promising to get you your strongest body in 16 weeks.

Expectations are high as this powerlifter knows a thing or two about building strength. As one of the most knowledgeable coaches in the field, this barrel-chested record-breaker is in hot demand.

Here are some of Eric's results:

    • Doug Adams, 28, from Maryland, added 9% onto his squat,
    • Boosted his bench press by 15%,
    • Ramped up his deadlift by 10%,
    • Improved his chin-up by 9%.

From Zero to Hero

These numbers are real attention grabbers. Yet they become even more impressive when you consider Doug had been following his own program and making zero progress.

Also, Doug wasn't your typical, "wet behind the ears" beginner, but was an experienced gym-goer.

Yet in just 16 weeks, Doug added 15 pounds onto his squat; 30 pounds onto his bench press; 30 pounds onto his deadlift; 21 pounds onto his chin-up.

Now ask yourself: when did you last achieve such stellar numbers?

But here's the thing... Doug's story isn't all that remarkable.

What Doug did that many trainees fail to do, is commit to a program where progression is the primary focus. He didn't waste time trying to "chase the pump" or "bomb and blitz" his muscles. Instead, all Doug's energy was focussed on getting stronger.

Basic Weight Lifting

Sounds so simple, right? Yet don't go thinking this is some isolated case.

The real-life success stories we covered in our post, Basic Weight Lifting told the same thrilling tale.

Stories like novice Pat Leraris gaining 40 pounds onto his 5 foot 10 inch frame at 60-years-young. Or Steve Kane making excellent progress at the age of 68. 

So the next time you step into the gym, ask yourself: "How much stronger will you be in 16 weeks?"

Then get yourself onto a program where you make progressive overload your primary focus.

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