20 Rep Deadlifts and GOMAD

by Pete

I wanna do the 20 rep deadlift routine drinking only 1 glass of milk daily. Can I still make gains just as quickly as if I was doing gomad. I see everyone saying you have to do gomad (gallon of milk a day)

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LOMAD and 20 Rep Deadlifts
by: Lee

The 20 rep deadlift is a beast of a routine and responds best to plenty of rest and good nutrition. Therefore, to make your optimum gains, you will need to make sure you get adequate protein and enough calories - for most folks, milk provides a workable and cost-effective solution.

Can you make good gains without going down the GOMAD route? Yes. You can. But it won't be easy.

So what are your alternatives?

If the idea of drinking a gallon of milk every day fills you with horror, why not try working up to this amount slowly? Many trainees have tried LOMAD where you consume one liter of milk a day, and have shown impressive results.

Writing in The Four-Hour Body, author Tim Ferriss suggests adding 1 liter per day each week and keeping a close monitor on fat gain, which can accelerate. He also suggests, if you're eating enough at your main meals, you shouldn't need more than 1 litre of the white stuff to accelerate growth - and I would have to agree.

For many people, GOMAD or LOMAD will be the only dietary change required to stimulate growth.

If simple works, keep it simple.

Hope this helps, Pete. Keep us posted and good luck!

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