"20 Rep Deadlift Workout - How to Deadlift for Power and Size"

Want to deadlift for power and size?

Let the 20 rep deadlift become your personal power station.

It's All About the Deadlift

20 repetition deadlifts are nothing new. In fact, much like 20 rep squats before them, this way of training is old school as championed by the bodybuilders and strongmen of yesteryear.

Back in the day, some remarkable physiques were built using this tough but super-productive exercise, including such names as Paul Anderson and Doug Hepburn - two of the most powerful men to stride the planet.

Indeed, so effective is this regimen, you can expect to lose fat, boost metabolism, get fit and achieve better health - proving it really is all about the deadlift.

How to Deadlift for Power and Size

So what are 20 rep deadlifts and how do you do them? The recipe, as with 20 rep squats, is deceptively simple.

The classic method proposes the following:

  • 20 repetition deadlifts
  • 3 deep breaths between each repetition
  • Add 5-10 lbs to your exercise bar each workout
  • Drink 2 quarts of milk daily
  • REST!

    Warning: Please don't let the program's apparent simplicity fool you. 20 repetition deadlifts attacked properly will be the most challenging exercise regimen you will ever undertake.

As you can see, 20 repetition deadlifts follow the same protocol as 20 repetition squats only with one crucial distinction: you should never train the deadlift exercise to failure.

Why? Because the stresses placed onto the lower back when deadlifting are COLOSSAL, making the risk of injury to this delicate structure very real.

Instead, show caution by keeping that final rep or two in your locker, as your health and safety is important.

For a safer alternative, try the dumbbell deadlift or do your deadlifting with a hex bar or shrug bar.


How 20 Rep Deadlifts Work

So, how do 20 repetition deadlifts work? Well, the program works its muscle building magic in a deceptively straightforward way. By exercising the largest muscle groups vigorously, the 20 rep protocol triggers a muscle building response.

    Important: the hips and thighs are THE largest muscle groups. Any effective routine MUST exercise these body parts!

Further muscle building magic is achieved by:

    1. Deep breathing (this oxygenates the blood while inflating the lungs)...

    2. 5-10 lbs added to your bar (weight progression signals an adaptive muscle building response)...

    3. The consumption of milk (an excellent source of muscle building protein); and...

    4. Rest (recuperation allows the body to grow).

    Training Tip: Don't be afraid to rest your barbell on the floor during your 20 rep deadlifts. DO NOT attempt to take your "deep breaths" at the top of the exercise when holding onto the barbell, as your grip will become the limiting factor.

How to Play Safe

However, for the typical trainee the traditional 20 rep deadlift workout is often too intense.

But before you give up on this mighty movement in favor of something less taxing, there is good news.

Some small changes to your deadlift routine means you can still deadlift for power and enjoy the terrific gains this exercise brings.

Try this instead:

  • Begin your 20 rep workout at 12 repetitions
  • Add 2 more repetitions to your next workout
  • Continue adding 2 more repetitions to your deadlift exercise until you reach 20
  • Add 2-5 lbs to your bar
  • Resume your workout at 12 repetitions!

Since fatigue is the 20 rep deadlift routine's number 1 enemy, these modifications can make the difference between failure and success.

In Summary

Want to deadlift for power? Then let the 20 rep deadlift become your personal power station. Just like 20 rep squats before them, this training style promises superman brawn and strongman strength.

Now go check out this classic 80s Power Station...

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