Abbreviated Dumbbell Workouts

by Lee

When strongman Dan John snapped and broke his wrist in two places, he found himself unable to train normally for almost a year. Not the type of person to take to bed and stop training, John quickly realized he needed an alternative way of exercising. So what did this man-mountain do? John turned to simple, no-frills abbreviated dumbbell workouts.

Dan John is currently ranked Number One in the world in the Highland Games, ages 45-49, and holds numerous National Championships in weightlifting and throwing. Because of this, what John doesn't know about training you can write on the back of a postage stamp. Yet despite such credentials, even this barbell behemoth was bamboozled by how well this basic workout performed.

Here is what he did:

Using only an adjustable Olympic dumbbell, John practiced the One Hand Clean and Press and followed it with some heavy-duty holds like the Waiter Walk. The result? Dan John says this about his training:

"The moral of the story is easy to grasp. Start with the basics, give the basics time to work, then gradually move up to the fancy stuff - if you even need to!"

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