Appetite and Hunger

by John Pike

Appetite and hunger, is there a difference? When you eat to supplement your precious physical health - yes, there is a dramatic difference!

I always tell my students this: "Do not be concerned about what you are eating". But aren't some foods bad for us? the students say. Yes, I tell them, but watch this...there is a connection between your body and its vital needs according to nutrition and your mind. Unfortunately, the gap between your bodies' needs and your thoughts regarding it, are discommunicated.

This is why an unfit person has poor regard for his health, and so like a bad marriage, a communication breakdown takes place. But when we take the effort necessary to change our direction, thereby making health and strength our #1 priority, the body and the mind will reconcile.

Soon you will naturally NOT want to eat unhealthy foods. What you craved to satisfy your unfit body will naturally disgust you.

So like I said, don't worry about what you eat, this will change as you grow and become stronger.

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Weight Training for Sports
by: Muscle by John

Wow, things have changed a lot in the sports arena. Certainly, one would expect to see American Football players getting more muscular, but today, ALL the pro hockey players are getting under the bar too.

What has really changed a lot in the past 10 years or so, is the muscularity of these 7-foot-tall basketball players. Yep, even these high-speed and super-agile giants have confirmed for all to see, weight training for sports - and the BIG MUSCLES this training delivers - is what sports are all about in the 21st century.

Which only goes to prove that bigger isn't only better, it is faster too!

"A" is for Appetite
by: Muscle by John

When I went to school and got an "A", mom gave me a dollar. Needless to say I never had much money during my school years...

But a Healthy Appetite is how we refer to "Positive Eating Habits". Hunger, is a manifestation an athlete or fitness freak needs to avoid. All over eating takes place in response to Hunger, we become what I describe as "Ravenous".

If you hear yourself saying these words; "Man I'm Starving", you may have just discovered why you can't shake that last ten pounds off. Eat more frequent smaller meals...

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