Arginine Foods - Are You Ready to Give Your Diet the Bird?

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re you ready to give your diet the bird?

See how arginine foods like turkey can help your fitness soar.

What is Arginine?

So what is arginine and why do you need it in your diet? To better understand this amino acid, let's begin with a quick summary of proteins.

Protein is comprised of amino acids. Of the 20 amino acids used in building protein, eight of them can't be made by the human body. These are called the essential amino acids, and for good reason - without them in your diet you would die.

During any given day, your body is constantly making new protein. Yet if one of these key amino acids is missing, your body will immediately begin tearing down existing muscle tissue to fuel protein production.

Because of this, you can see why you want to have adequate low fat proteins in your diet to preserve existing muscle mass.

And where is the best place to find these low fat proteins?

Your food.

Arginine Rich Foods

While arginine isn't one of the eight essential amino acids required for protein production, its importance in muscle building and the preservation of muscle mass is universally recognized.

And the benefits of arginine don't stop there:

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  • Arginine for erections. Foods rich in the amino acid arginine have been shown to effectively treat erectile dysfunction.
  • Arginine sexual effects. Want to put some sizzle between your sheets? Research shows arginine can boost libido and sexual desire.
  • Arginine for a healthy heart and immune system. Nitric oxide is crucial for the support of your cardiovascular and immune system. And which amino acid is the chief source for creating nitric oxide? Arginine.

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Foods High in Arginine

So which foods high in arginine should you include in your diet? One of your best food choices rich in this key amino acid is turkey.

Just 70g of roasted turkey breast provides 20g of protein, with 63% of its calories coming from protein - proving a turkey isn't only for xmas, but is a superior source of quality protein.

In Summary

Are you ready to give your diet the bird?

Discover how arginine foods like turkey can help your fitness soar.

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