Benefits of Visualization - How to Get The Body You Want

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hat are the benefits of visualization?

Can visualization REALLY help you build an amazing physique?

Visualization... conceive, believe, achieve?

There is a famous book entitled 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill. First published in 1937, it has continued to blaze a trail through the literary world, becoming a massive bestseller and ongoing success. I have my own worn copy which I refer to from time to time (following Mr Hill's advice, I re-read it every year), and do my utmost to follow the sage advice within.

What is the book about? To the layman, it is a book about making money; however, in reality the book is far more than that. 'Think and Grow Rich' - in my humble opinion - is one of the most important books ever conceived pertaining to personal success; the book goes on to detail how the power of the mind, and VISUALIZATION in particular, can change your life for the good.

(I mention this book, not in the hope that you might purchase it - although I sincerely hope that you do - but by way of demonstrating visualization's effectiveness. To understand this book's popularity, see the following testimonials: Think and Grow Rich!: The Original Version, Restored and Revised)

So can visualization change lives?

Yes, it can. But more than this, visualization shows the user how to increase motivation in their quest to actualize their potential.

Do I use it?

Most certainly.

And what benefits have I seen, but more importantly, what benefits can YOU expect to see?

Let's find out.

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Visualization... your magic picture show

The magic of visualization will go on to touch every aspect of your life. Perhaps you want a better job; a bigger house; a loving partner; an amazing physique - yes, visualization can help you build bigger muscles - or anything else that is important to you... either way, the power of visualization is far-reaching.

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Below you will find a visualization technique to boost your athletic performance, but first, consider the benefits:

  • Improve health
  • Greater relaxation
  • More calm
  • Increase focus
  • Develop persistence
  • Gain confidence

The above characteristics, to some degree or other, are within all of us. For many these characteristics sadly lie dormant, but visualization - such is its power - can bring these characteristics magically to life...

The above characteristics, fully realized, are the TRUE benefits of visualization.


ONLY be developing the above psychological resilience will you realize your dreams of a better job; a bigger house; a loving partner; and yes - even an amazing physique!

THIS is where visualization comes to your aid. By providing the required muscle building motivation you guarantee your success.

However, a word of caution...

Visualization should never replace experience. For example, it is foolhardy to believe you can squat twice your body weight when you have never so much as lifted a barbell. While one of the benefits of visualization is 'unleashing a person's full potential', these techniques will not perform miracles. Visualization is NOT a magic wand. You must earn your gains.

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In Summary

So what are the benefits of visualization? Can visualization REALLY help you build an amazing physique?

Discover how with exercise visualization

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Benefits of Visualization to Muscle Building

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