How to Increase Motivation - Turbo-Charge Your Muscle Building Motivation

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eed to know how to increase motivation?

Discover those factors which turbo-charge your muscle building motivation.

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

In his book, "Becoming Unstoppable", Paul Myers states there is only one meaningful definition of true success: Living your life the way YOU want to live it. Moreover, Myers suggests how anything else is a hand-me-down that doesn't fit.

Because of this, it is crucial you discover those things you DO want, like a smaller derriere or more muscular physique, and apply yourself to analyzing those benefits these changes will bring.

Why is this so important? The key to motivation is DESIRE. Without it, you will be a car sitting idly in neutral going nowhere fast.

Muscle Building Motivation... the pleasure principle

Fortunately, getting motivated - or taking action - is a skill that can soon be learned. It doesn't require any fancy psychology degree or neuro-linguistic programming. Instead, you will discover your solution in your emotions and those passions that drive YOU.

So how does this work?

People are generally governed by two universal considerations: pleasure gained and pain avoided. In simple terms, each element has some level of emotional power attached to it, thereby providing an attraction (pleasure gained) or a repulsion (pain avoided).

To return to our car sitting in neutral, each of these factors - and their combined intensity - add up to the force for that direction. Depending on which side has the most force, ultimately determines the car's direction.

And here is where things get interesting...

This equation can be CONTROLLED to increase your motivation.

The benefit to you?

You live life the way YOU want to live it and to YOUR design.

Beep! Beep!

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Photo courtesy of Rob Boudon

The Motivation Scales

Writing in, "The Motivated Mind", Jason Gracia uses the analogy of scales to illustrate the power of motivation, with one side holding all the weight of the positive factors and the other side holding all of the negative factors.

Just like ordinary scales, this apparatus can be adapted to our purposes - by adjusting the 'tipping point' you can influence the outcome.

How do you do this?

By diminishing the negative factors and intensifying the positive factors.

For example: let's say you are torn between your goal of better health (a fitter and stronger body) and socializing with your friends in bars. A way to diminish the negative factors, is to imagine gaining weight from the bad food you will be eating, and the damage to your health caused by drink and lack of quality sleep.

Now imagine the positives of exercise and the pleasures (benefits) you will gain from eating well and getting plenty of rest.

When the emotional DESIRE for the positive factors is greater than the negative factors, your motivation will be such to tip the scales or put your car into drive, thereby turbo-charging your muscle building motivation.

In Summary

Need to know how to increase motivation? You can live life the way you want to live it, by selecting those positive factors that go to create a more healthy life.

Do this, and not only will you turbo-charge your muscle building motivation, but you will be living life to your design.

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