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ow can a money-making secret from the 1930s improve your muscle building motivation?

Discover how to increase motivation with your success blueprint.

The Secret of Success

During the early part of the last century, one of the richest men on the planet was the legendary industrialist Andrew Carnegie. Convinced he had discovered the secret of success, Carnegie commissioned the young reporter Napoleon Hill to interview over 400 of the richest people to see if they too had used his secret to amass their fortunes.

Over the next 20 years, Hill was to meet with nearly all of the people on Carnegie's list - and what did the young reporter discover?

Without fail, the people had followed the same wealth and success blueprint.

And Carnegie's secret?

It was simply this:

~ ~ ~

All success is created with the human mind.

~ ~ ~

The book Napoleon Hill eventually published was 'Think and Grow Rich' and would become one of the bestselling non-fiction titles of all-time.

How to Increase Motivation

So why the history lesson, and how does it help you build a stronger body? Simply, any success you achieve in the gym must begin in the human mind.

This means, the muscle building motivation you require to build a stronger body has its origins in thought.

So motivation is important?

Without any motivation or desire, you will become a rudderless boat tossed on the back of an unfriendly ocean. Moreover, this lack of direction will put you at the mercy of confusion and distraction, thereby jeopardizing your best intentions and plans.

Here is where a success blueprint can help you...

By providing a motivation "mind-map", you can discover how to increase motivation and realize your full musculature potential.

Time to Set Sail?

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The Power of Focus

Your motivation mind-map begins with the following fundamental principle:

You get more of what you focus on.

Science shows if you feed your mind with negative thoughts, you will tend to attract more of this in your life.

However, excitingly, the reverse is also true.

Feed your mind with positive thoughts, and you will tend to attract more of this in your life too.

This positive mindset helps create psychological resilience - a key element in your desire to build a stronger body.

In Summary

How can a money-making secret from the 1930s improve your muscle building motivation?

Focus on the benefits your improved fitness will bring you; fill your imagination with pictures of a powerful and more muscular you - and just like the people on Andrew Carnegie's rich-list, success will be yours.

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