Best Anabolic Effect and Result

by Mack
(Austin, TX, USA)

Why are 20 rep squats and deadlifts considered by some to have the greatest anabolic results? While I don't begrudge anyone who has gained size and strength from this protocol, my own experience using 10 reps in the above exercises was dismal and totally lacking in progress. In my experience--I'm a hardgainer-- 1 rep squats and deadlifts, after sufficient warm-up sets, have the greatest anabolic result.

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20 Rep Squat Gospel
by: Lee

Thanks Mack, you make an excellent point. And you are right - 20 rep squats and deadlifts certainly aren't for everybody.

For the novice just starting out, they can be disastrous, as form can quickly get sloppy when fatigue sets in. The solution? Lower your reps. This simple tactic alone can help keep form and technique drum-tight (and keep you safe) - especially if you are a raw beginner learning the basics.

So why do so many people preach the 20 rep squats gospel? Heck, I promote them here on my site!

Well, they can - and do - work. For many folks. And for the fortunate few (those lucky easy-gainers who respond well to high reps), they work fantastically well. Also, 20 rep squats carry a certain macho mystique that many lifters get seduced and suckered by. When you mix those potent ingredients together, suddenly you end up with a very sexy cocktail.

Like you, I am also a hardgainer. So I know where you are coming from. I also realized some time ago that 20 rep squats (and deadlifts) aren't for me either...

However, experience has taught me there is more than one way to skin the "anabolic rabbit", and that there are other options and alternatives out there. 20 rep squats are just one way, and not always the best way.

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