Best Workout Routine Size - How Big is Yours?

How big is yours?

Discover the best workout routine size with these two super-simple steps.

Best Routine Size

So tell me something. How big is yours? No, really... we're all friends here, so there's no need to be bashful. 

Now, would you say yours is a large one, or average, or is it even a small one? You see, whatever you might have heard, size DOES matter. 

And if you didn't guess already... I am talking about the size of your routine! 

With this in mind, I want to spend this article taking a gander at some of the variables you can tweak to fine-tune your training and discover the best routine size for you. 

To keep things super-simple, the following two things will help trim your training:

    1. Frequency.

    Now tell me this: how often do you do it? Is it only at weekends, or are you a human dynamo and manage it everyday?! 

    The thing is, you CAN have too much of a good thing and weight training most certainly falls into that category.

    This is why, when unsure, you should try to practice this golden rule: when you are training hard, do less.

    What do I mean by that?

    Simply the following: when your efforts in the gym are as ferocious as a rabid Ninja on a sugar fix, it can oftentimes help to temper your training's frequency. Dial the days that you train right back. Take an extra day or two off to recuperate. And if you haven't enjoyed a layoff in a while, make it your top priority.

    2. Workload.

    In the same way doing something too frequently can hurt your gains, the same is equally true for workload.

    For example, you are likely aware that Christmas is fast approaching; a time for peace, goodwill to your fellow man... and over-indulging at the dinner table. Well, this last part deserves special mention. Why? Think back and recall that bloated, stuffed, lethargic feeling that smothers you when you have eaten too much turkey and all the tasty trimmings. 

    I know this feeling well as my family often gather for Boxing Day... and since my mom is such a fantastic cook, it is nigh impossible to say "no" to turkey, pudding, cake, mince pies, sherry trifle and apple pie - and all to be consumed in the single sitting! The result? Your belt needs letting out a notch until your poor, overworked belly recovers.

    Well, your muscles operate on much the same principle... 

    The greater the workload, the more recovery time your body needs...

    This is how a single set of high intensity "Widow-Makers" (20-rep squats) takes so much out of you, and why they are so darned effective. 

In Summary

So size is important? Yes. Most definitely. But as any woman is happy to tell you, what matters most is what you do with it! 

This is just as true for your training.

Best Workout Routine Size to Muscle Building Routine

Best Workout Routine Size to Muscle Building

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