"Body Building Myths - Why Bro Science Sucks Like a Porn Star"

Discover why body building myths sucks like a porn star and how to avoid its bite. 

The Internet's Dirty Little Secret

The world of porn was a very different place before the worldwide web. Pre-internet, if you wanted adult entertainment, you braved the top shelf of your local newsagent and guiltily scurried down the street with your purchase secreted in a brown paper bag.

How things change. These days a perfectly innocent search online can throw up all manner of naughtiness. Yet is this really surprising when we are informed by the media how the internet is dominated by the sex industry?

The statistics certainly seem to support this.

For example, in 2012, the tube site YouPorn said they pull down 100 million daily page views, with an eye-watering 4,000 page views per second at peak hours. Pardon the pun, but does that sound hard to swallow? Well, check this out: the same report estimates the most popular site, XVideos draws in over 4 billion page views and 350 million monthly visitors... and just a few years ago, an Online MBA study suggested 12% of ALL sites found on the internet are pornographic.

It's enough to make a nun blush!

These figures might lead us to ask: how big is porn really?

And the answer brings us to the internet's dirty little secret, which is... no one truly knows.

The Truth is Out There

Roald Riepen is the managing director of Freeones.com, an adult model picture site. When interviewed by BuzzFeed, he had this to say about the porn industry: "I think it is safe to say there is no real idea how big porn really is... The big billing companies don't publish their numbers, so we can only guess at their income. The thing with numbers on the internet is that 85% of them are made up. So no one truly knows."

The fitness industry is experiencing similar problems. Buried beneath an avalanche of "Bro Science" and body building myths, it has become increasingly difficult to know what to believe anymore. "The truth is out there," Fox Mulder used to say in The X-Files, but is it?

The real problems begin when anecdotal reports of "jacked dudes" are considered more credible than scientific research. Such Bro Science leads to bewilderment, confusion, and an impenetrable fog of frustration.

In short, Bro Science sucks like a porn star.

So what's the solution and how can we avoid the Bro Science bite? 

How to Beat Body Building Myths

  • Firstly, question everything and everyone. You really can't believe all you read. For example, many magazine publishers own supplement companies. As a result, a slew of strength and fitness publications have turned into little more than poorly disguised supplement catalogs spinning lies about the latest so-called "revolutionary supplement breakthroughs." Because of this, much of the Bro Science you hear repeated from the magazines is equally unreliable.

  • Secondly, take nothing at face value. If something appears too good to be true, then just like those crazy internet numbers Riepen spoke of, they have been made up.

  • Thirdly, listen to your body. Just because someone is in ownership of big muscles, doesn't mean they know your unique situation or genetic makeup. You must become your own expert. No-one knows your body like you do. So when something feels wrong, ignore gym folklore and trust your instincts. In most cases what your gut is telling you will turn out to be right. 

Now let's check out a real "sex-bomb". Take it away, Tom...

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