Body Shape

"Weight Loss is Guaranteed as Building Muscle increases metabolism..."
This statement can be true, but is in effect, an Over Simplification.
Example: one woman used weight training principles to LOSE WEIGHT, but was upset because according to the weigh scale, she had actually GAINED weight, (after several weeks)
She had "VISIBLY" CHANGED Her "BODY SHAPE", but could not comprehend, the actual "Weight Gain Thing"?
And even though, she had made some good Body Shape Changes, she quit the gym because she felt she had no hope to lose weight...
The "Western Societies Psychology" of "Weight Loss"
and it's "Association" to it's Measurement in Pounds or Kilos, is Bending our perception of, Health and "Beauty".

Shall I continue?

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Muscle gain / Weight Loss
by: musclebyjohn

Imagine a "Pound of Feathers".
Now Imagine a "Pound of Iron".
Both objects weight one pound each, but the distinct difference is SEEN or Observed, in the amount of room or the "Volume" each occupy.
Now if we all understood, that Like the "Feathers / Iron" comparison, Body Fat and Lean Muscle Tissue are also comparible likewise in this context.
A Pound of Fat when compared to a Pound of Lean Muscle Tissue, would appear Distinctly Larger in mass and volume, than a Pound of muscle tissue.
In fact, the fat would Appear "Three Times Larger" in Mass and Volume.

Test Question: if a women (or man)gained ten pounds of "Fat".
And her Identical Twin gained ten Pounds of
Which one would "Appear" to have gotten larger?

Weight Loss / Fat loss
by: musclebyjohn

Wow...then according to what we know about Volumes, Masses and Densitys of Fat as opposed to Lean Muscle Tissue,
Answer: The Twin that gained ten pounds of Fat would APPEAR TO HAVE gained more weight.
Here is what you would see:
1. both identical twins weighed 100 lbs.
2. one gained ten pounds of FAT, the other gained ten pounds of Muscle.
3. Both would show a "SCALE WEIGHT" of 110 lbs.
4. The twin that gained the FAT would appear to have increased in her body volumes and Masses.
5. The twin who gained the muscle would show little change in her body volumes and masses.

because, like a Pound of feathers,compared to a Pound of Iron,
the one who gained her weight in FAT would show a substantial body volume size increase.

Body Shape
by: musclebyjohn

When I read over "comments" whether they are mine or someone elses, I often discover the actual point I was trying to make?
A women's propensity to Associate "Successful Weight Loss", by assigning it to "What the weigh scale tells her", can create a number of Negative results.
The Reality is this:
when your friends compliment you on your physical appearance they say things like this; "you look great"
or, "you must have lost weight because you look great".
But did you know, that when resistance trianing methods are used, that you can actually GAIN weight (according to the scale)and still Appear as if you had LOST weight!!
Resistance training Increases our Muscle mass under our skin.
These newly developed muscles ADD SHAPE, givng us the appearance of,
a. smaller waist.
a. better symetry Upper chest / shoulders.
c. Harder and More shapely Bottoms.
and yet, you may increase your Body Weight??
Look...your friends tell you that you look great.
They don't say; "you weigh great??"
Appearances are everything, what your body weight is, is not all that important.

Health Risks and Weight Loss
by: musclebyjohn

Sometimes I see some very disturbing training idealogies.
By all meaans, go flat out and treadmill or Step machine or eliptical for hours at a fever pitch pace, IF you are a professional athlete.
But most ladies just want to improve their look and fitness. has taken you months even a year or so to Pour On a seven day a week flat out training session.
This did not come in a day or a week or even a month etc.
It came slowly because your Body had to ADAPT.
And EVERYTHING within your body HAS Adapted...
Including your metabolism!
So in effect, if your metabolism is TUNED to keep your Body Fat Ratio under control at that level of exertion...what will happen when your life has to change (Travel..get married..or just take a break)and you are Unable to assert the same effort?
if fat is your enemy and you are running flat out to keep it at bay, what happens when you slow down??

When You Slow Down
by: musclebyjohn

Do you know someone who started a vigorous exercise program?
We all do!
Even people we don't know are saying things like;
"I really made an all out effort to lose this body fat and now that I have stopped, I got EVEN FATTER"!
Life is Life, we all have to stop for one reason or another....that's life!
But it is a little discouraging when your friends tell you that their muscle just turned to Fat. over nite!
The only way to avoid these kinds of disappointments is through; Honesty.
Be honest with yourself.
Set attainable goals that are realistic for YOU.
Remembering that the ladies on the TV and Videos make their Living at this.
Gym memberships are very costly, make certain you get what you pay for, go at least 4 times a week, if it is to inconvenient, time or distance wise, you chose the wrong gym.

The Last Ten Pounds...
by: musclebyjohn

I hear so many women complain about "How tough it is to lose those Last ten Pounds'...
The basic reason that these are the hardest to lose is largely due to the Way you lost your first ten pounds.
We all get pretty excited when the weigh scale is telling us that we are losing...
But Two dangerously important mechanisms are taking place, IF we are losing weight;
1. too fast
2.or by way of starvation.
a. the human body is inherently designed to,
CONSERVE Body Fat and use, LEAN MUSCLE for fuel rather than Fat or calories..IF we are trying to reduce our food intake to Much and To Fast.
The first sign will be this;
1. the weigh scale indicates a great amount of weight loss...but you do not see it in the mirror.That's because you have lost the weight in muscle, not fat!
This can lead to Anorexia and Bulemic behavior,
keeping in mind, that the Anorexic patient Never sees herself as thin, no matter how thin she really is...

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