"Women Weight Training - 3-Step Guide Reveals Secret Fountain of Youth"

Seeking the toned body you had in your 20s?

Your women weight training guide reveals how to turn back time.

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Women Building Muscle

OK. It's confession time. This site expressly talks about males, as it draws from a history of men who developed and applied abbreviated muscle building techniques. But here's the secret: these methods work as well for women.

This means women building muscle can realize the SAME abbreviated training benefits as their male counterparts.

How does this sound?

  • Improve health
  • Burn fat
  • Look younger

Also, in terms of body shaping, the right types of weight training exercises for women will rival ANYTHING you might find at your local fitness center...

    • Do you want to get toned while you lose fat?
    • Or what about increasing the arch of your chest and the curve of your derriere?
    • How does more energy sound?

Imagine how amazing that feels! Well, these are just some of the exciting results you can expect to see when beginning an effective weight training routine.

Now, let's check out your 3-step guide.

Women Weight Training - Women Building Muscle 3-Step Guide

    1. Women weight training myths.

    How do I build muscle without becoming a bulky Hulk? You want to rediscover the body of your youth, but fear weight training will make you look like the green goliath. Is this true?

    When you begin weight training, you will exercise to improve all your muscle fibers; you'll strengthen the slows ones, the intermediate ones, and the fast ones. In effect, you will make your muscles bigger and more metabolically fit. What you can't do is change your genetic endowment.

    This is great news for women weight training who want the health benefits of lifting iron, but fear turning into a bulked up bodybuilder. Quickly set those fears aside, as women - without assistance from steroids or bodybuilding "chemicals" - simply do not bulk up to such gargantuan proportions. Instead, you will get toned, build stronger bones, improve your flexibility and lose unwanted fat...

    Indeed, science shows weight loss for women is guaranteed, as building muscle increases your metabolism.

    What you WON'T do is turn into a rampaging green goliath, no matter how much iron you pump!

    2. Weight training exercises for women.

    The best weight training exercises for women are compound movements. Why are these types of exercises so important? Compound movements target the most skeletal musculature, thereby triggering the muscle building process in the fastest possible time.

    Some excellent muscle building exercises are:

    Women building muscle should focus on these core muscle exercises when putting together a weight lifting routine. For now, ignore isolation exercises like leg extensions or chest flyes, and instead focus on compound movements like the squat exercise and bench press.

    For step-by-step instructions to gain lean muscle, burn fat and strengthen your body, visit Weight Training for Women

    3. Weight training routines for women.

    Are you looking to get lean? Introducing some free weight training exercises into your routine will help you build muscle while you burn fat. Select core training exercises like the barbell squat and deadlift, as these are excellent compound movements, and will significantly boost your metabolism.

    But, wait! Don't you have to exercise for hours to see any worthwhile results?

    Research shows just one single work set of 6-10 repetitions can build strength, and that many sets and reps can sometimes be counterproductive, often leading to fatigue and injury. This means you DON'T need to spend hours in the gym to transform your body.

    To discover how to build your body 1950s style, see Weight Training Routines For Women

In Summary

Looking for a more youthful you? Seeking the toned body you had in your 20s?

Your women weight training guide reveals how to turn back time.

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