Bruce Lee Bodyweight and Height

by Ryan O' Rourke

Bruce Lee was 5'7" and 145-147 lbs. He was 165 lbs at one point but felt it was too much muscle so he cut down to 145-147 lbs.

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Bruce Lee Height and Weight
by: Lee

Thank you for your figures, Ryan. You will appreciate how Bruce Lee's bodyweight was a constantly moving target during his training life, which makes any definitive numbers difficult. And you are correct: Lee never felt comfortable when he tipped the scales at 160+ pounds, and did indeed diet down to a figure he felt happier with.

How tall was Bruce Lee? Depending on which reference sources you read, Bruce Lee's height is given anywhere between 5' 7" and 5' 8", with 5' 7.5" being the most common. Since most guys routinely lie about their height, I feel it only fair to go with the taller number!

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