How to Build Big Biceps... Your 3 Steps to Building Biceps Like "Mac"

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ant to build big biceps but feel frustrated by your gains?

Discover your 3 steps for building biceps today!

Building Biceps... and why 7-stone weaklings don't get the girl :-(

There was a famous advert they ran in the comics I read as a kid called, The Insult That Made a Man Out of "Mac". This ad was always positioned between a really exciting part in the story, and despite my eagerness to discover what happened next - did Spider-Man FINALLY get to defeat the evil Dr. Octopus? - I invariably felt my eyes drift to this page.

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I'll describe the ad for you:

    A skinny guy - Mac, the hero of our story - is sunning himself on the beach with his girl when the local beefcake sprints past, kicking sand into their faces. Following a heated altercation (the beefcake threatens to smash the 7-stone weakling's face), the humiliated Mac slopes off with his girl, lamenting: "The big bully! I'll get even some day", only for his girl to retort: "Oh, don't let it bother you, little boy!"...Ouch!

    However, there is good news! Angered at this turn of events, Mac decides to build some muscles of his own and teach this buff bully a lesson.

    Returning to the beach, Mac - who now resembles Tarzan - finds the beefcake with his girl, only THIS TIME it is Mac's turn to do the teaching! Punching the buff bully on the jaw, our hero claims his prize - the girl - along with the fawning admiration of the crowd! Hurrah!

How to Build Biceps Like "Mac"

If your goal is to build bigger biceps like "Mac", you must be armed with the same information as the hero in our story...

HERE is where your 3 steps to building biceps comes in!

How to Build Big Biceps - Your 3 Steps to Bigger Biceps

    1. Build Your Legs to Build Your Arms. If you want to build big biceps you must first focus on building your legs. Why? You will struggle to build big arms while you are unable to squat or deadlift impressive weights. Muscle building testosterone is triggered when working these big compound exercises, and since this chemical is your personal, naturally occurring muscle-booster, you want it working FOR YOU in your quest to build big biceps. (I'm sure our once 7-stone weakling worked hard at his squats!)

    2. Beware Your Wrist Measurement. There is a clear correlation between frame size and muscle size; this is why your wrist size (an indicator of frame size) has such a telling influence over your bigger biceps goal. For example, a trainee with an 8 inch wrist measurement (large frame size) will have an easier time getting his biceps to measure 16 inches when compared to a trainee with a 6 inch wrist measurement (small frame size). However, this determining factor should NEVER be viewed as an obstacle; it is simply a physical characteristic unique to YOU. Your only concern in wanting to build big arms is this: realize YOUR muscular potential, regardless of anybody else. Building big biceps - like the hero in our story - involves working WITH your body and not against it, so tailor your building muscle goals accordingly.

    3. Build Muscle Scientifically. Building muscle scientifically is the ONLY way to build big biceps. The science of muscle building is vital to your goal of building bigger arms and will help you avoid later frustration. Unless you are a genetic marvel, ignore the muscle magazines as they won't help you in your quest to build big arms (indeed, there is a very real chance they will harm your gains). Instead, follow a muscle building routine that focusses on building big muscles all over your body, and your biceps will become happy passengers growing in commensurate size and girth.

In Summary

Want to build big biceps but feel frustrated by your gains? Want to win the girl like "Mac"?

Be like our hero in the comic book, and build your arms today!

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