"How to Build Bigger Biceps - Your Key to Building Big Arms Like 50s Musclemen"

Believe the barbell curl is the MOST effective way to build bigger biceps?

The musclemen of the 1950s might disagree!

How to Build Big Arms - Massive Biceps 1950s Style

When most folks talk about building bigger arms, the topic of discussion generally starts and ends with barbell curls.

For proof, walk into your local gymnasium and you will see its patrons busily hoisting barbells in the desire to grow giant guns.

But what if there is a more effective alternative? What if - as scientific research suggests - there is a more efficient way to build bigger arms?

There is such an exercise, and it is called the chin up.

Barbell Curls vs The Chin Up

In the decade when a hip-swiveling Elvis Presley drove young girls into a screaming frenzy, musclemen practiced the chin up exercise to equally startling results.

During this time, one strongman was to stand head and shoulders above his peers. His name? Marvin Eder. Very soon this lifting colossus would go onto earn the mantle "The Biceps of The Bronx", and with arms measuring a shirt-splitting 19 inches, would routinely perform repetitions with a staggering 200 pounds!

But why is this exercise so effective?

The chin up, or palms-up pull up exercise, is traditionally regarded as an upper back exercise like the bent over barbell row. Moreover, the chin up is also considered an effective deltoid exercise for the shoulders. However, what most trainees DON'T realize is how the chin up is the best biceps exercise you can do - even more efficient than the curl.

How is this so?

For our answer we must turn to science.

Best Way to Build Bigger Biceps - The Appliance of Science

Science is a wonderful thing. It can also provide you with some simple-to-use training shortcuts as the following illustrates.

When performing a traditional curl with a dumbbell or barbell, the biceps muscle is worked around a single joint axis, the elbow. This results in the predominant stress going onto the lower biceps. However, what happens when you perform a chin up or palms-up pulldown? Something amazing occurs. Suddenly you work the biceps around TWO JOINT AXES, the elbow and the shoulder.

Why is this more efficient?

You get to work the biceps muscle more uniformly from BOTH ENDS resulting in a more effective biceps workout. The benefits to you?

You get to build big biceps fast.

In Summary

The musclemen of the 1950s knew a thing or two about building bigger arms. They also knew which exercises were proven muscle builders.

Follow their example by adding the chin up to your muscle building arsenal, and you will soon build bigger biceps.


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