How to Build Muscle at Home - 3 Monster Home Workouts to Build Muscle

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ant to build monster muscles?

Then build muscle at home with your monster home workouts.

Fastest Way to Build Muscle at Home - Frankenstein Style

~ ~ ~
    "It's alive!" went up the cry from a wild-eyed Dr Frankenstein. Jubilant at his handiwork, the mad scientist marvels before his creation.

    The power of lightning magically harnessed, and the figure on the operating table begins to menacingly move...

~ ~ ~
So why the horror story?

Nope. It isn't trick or treat. Instead, we're here to show you how to build your own monster-strong body.

And in the same way the barmy baron harnessed lightning to create life, we will show you 3 monster home workouts to build muscle fast.

Monster Home Workouts to Build Muscle

Regular visitors to our site will already know the efficacy of abbreviated training routines, and how they can help build your body and improve fitness.

Well, it just so happens these same routines are super-effective at building strength in your home too.

Read on to discover the BEAST compound movements that guarantee your gains from the comfort of your own dungeon...I mean, living room!

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Monster Home Workouts - Home Exercises to Build Muscle

    1. Diabolical deadlifts.

    The deadlift exercise is diabolical for a reason: not only is the deadlift exercise perilous to perform, but it is devilishly difficult.

    Fortunately, it is the exercise's intensity which makes the deadlift such a beast movement, and why it provides the core to an abbreviated monster workout:

    • deadlift exercise
    • parallel bar dip

    2. Scary squats.

    The squat exercise becomes super scary when you enter the realms of heavy weights and high repetitions.

    If you want a frightening experience to test your courage, why not try 20-rep-squats?

    Survive this ghoulish routine and your reward will be muscle and might:

    • squat exercise
    • bench press
    • pull up

    3. Creepy clean and jerks.

    The Olympic clean and jerk is a full body movement that will send shivers up the spines of the intermediate and advanced trainee.

    For any disbelievers out there, load some serious iron onto your bar, and prepare for a high repetition lung-bursting routine guaranteed to make your flesh creep.

    An ultra-abbrevated workout would be:

    • clean and jerk

In Summary

What are the best home exercises to build muscle? Want to build monster muscles?

Your 3 monster home workouts guarantee your gains.

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