"Deadlift Exercise - Deadlift Workouts to Uncage Your Inner Wolverine!"

Unleash the beast!

Discover how the deadlift exercise builds your body like Wolverine.

Photo courtesy of Cameron Yee

Beauty of the Beast

Here's something to scare the pants off you: the deadlift is a total body exercise on a par with its mighty neighbor, the squat.

Check out what bodybuilding legend Mike Mentzer has to say about this beautiful beast...

    "The deadlift is the greatest overall growth exercise as it works every muscle on the backside of the body, from the Achilles tendon to the occiput of the head. Deadlifts also work the deltoids, the forearms, and just about every muscle in the body."

And bestselling author, Stuart McRobert...

    "Doing high intensity bent-legged or stiff-legged deadlifts no more than once a week is a big step towards making big gains from these movements, and a big step to injury-free training."

Armed with this information, what are your next two steps?

  • Begin an effective deadlift workout
  • Learn how to deadlift.

These elements combined will guarantee your gains and a body like Wolverine!

Taming The Deadlift Exercise

    1. Deadlift protocol.

    How often should you perform this beastly move?

    Stuart McRobert suggests working the deadlift hard once per week for greatest gains, while adding weight to the barbell slowly.

    Yet for some, even this training protocol will be too much. If this is the case, do your deads once every ten days, or even every other week - here is where abbreviated training can prove so effective for you.

    2. Squat swap.

    Another option many have tried with great success, is the replacing of the squat exercise with the deadlift, thereby making the deadlift the lynchpin of their strength training workout.

    Replacing one proven mass builder makes excellent sense for the trainee who is pressed for time, or whose recovery abilities are limited.

    3. Training technique.

    Proper deadlift technique will enhance your deadlifting experience while delivering the gains your hard work in the gym demands. Perform the deadlift correctly, and you will protect your lower back - a crucial cog in your quest to build strength.

    Many gym-goers fear the deadlift and for good reason: if performed poorly, this monster movement will almost certainly bite you. The solution? Show the barbell deadlift some well-earned respect, learn how to deadlift correctly with proper form, and increased mass and might will be your reward.

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