"Building Muscle Quickly - How to Build Muscle 600% Faster"

Is your workout a high-speed racing car or Model-T clunker?

See how building muscle quickly is 6 times faster with abbreviated training.

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How to Build Muscle 600% Faster

When building muscle quickly, abbreviated high-intensity training is the fastest way to go.

How fast? Compared to standard 3 times-per-week workouts, high-intensity training workouts are 6 TIMES FASTER.

To picture what this difference means in speed, imagine both types of training going wheel-to-wheel in a 1-mile drag race.

  • In our race, the 3 times-per-week workout would become a Model-T Ford with a top speed of 40 mph, and the high-intensity abbreviated workout would be a lightning-fast Formula 1 racing car with a top speed of 240 mph.
  • That is 240 mph divided by 40 mph which equals 6.
  • This means you get the same results (distance travelled) in one-sixth of the time, or put another way, one weekly abbreviated high-intensity 15 minute workout vs. three standard 30 minute workouts.

Beep! Beep!

Clunker to the Crusher

And here is where standard training protocol breaks down on you like a rattletrap clunker hemorrhaging oil on the side of the road.

By providing poor results for so much effort, this way of exercising leaves you fatigued and confused.

Think about it. Allowing for a two-week layoff, a 30 minute workout performed 3 times-per-week equals 4500 minutes spent in your gym per year. Now ask yourself: how many pounds of muscle did you build in the past 12 months? If you were fortunate enough to gain 10 pounds of muscle, that equates to 750 minutes for every hard-won pound.

Does that sound disappointing? If you are on a split-system style of training and exercise 4 times-per-week, the results become even more depressing. Now your workouts equal 6000 minutes spent in your gym per year, which, allowing for a 10 pound muscle gain, equates to 1000 minutes per hard-won pound.

After seeing those numbers, don't you think it's time to order your "clunker workout" to the crusher?

Building Muscle Quickly

Suddenly abbreviated training begins to look very attractive.

The same muscle gains in one-sixth or 16% of the time, or just 12% of the time when compared to a 4 times-per-week split-system.

So if your workout is frustratingly slow, why not test-drive an abbreviated workout next time you reach for your barbell? Not only will you begin to build muscle quickly, but you will get to grow your body in a fraction of the time.


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