Train Once Every 21 Days

by Lee

Want to skyrocket your strength by training just once every 14-21 days? Using super abbreviated workouts, science writer and massage therapist Paul Ingraham would boost his bench press by double and his overall strength up to 75%!

Inspired by high intensity abbreviated training, as taught by Doug McGuff and John Little, Ingraham was stunned at the remarkable results his 20-minute sessions produced. Here is what he had to say:

    "I was not a beginner when I started, and this was not low-hanging fruit that I picked. I am sort of an athlete, and I was already quite active and non-weak when I started this new approach. I had been tinkering with weight training off and on for years. It felt really strange - yet good! - to stay away from the gym for up to three weeks at a time. It seemed almost impossible that it could work. And yet I have never seen an increase like this!"

Can't find time to train 3-days per week? With super abbreviated workouts you don't have to. You really can train less, and enjoy all the valuable fitness and health benefits strength training brings.

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