Building Muscle Tips... Your 3 Steps to Muscle Building Heaven

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Are you looking for tips on building muscle fast?

The following building muscle tips will put you on the road to muscle building heaven!

Tips For Building Muscle... your 3 steps to muscle building heaven

Much unnecessary confusion surrounds muscle building, but there is good news: your tips for building muscle can be summarized into 3 easy to follow steps...

And the great news?

Follow these building muscle tips closely, and they will repay you with a muscular physique.

Muscle Building Tips

    1. EXERCISE. This is your number 1 tip for building muscle, and is your primary concern if you want to build mass. But which muscle building routine is best, and in particular, which EXERCISES should you use?

    A productive muscle building routine is one that focusses on the largest muscle groups, i.e. the legs, hips, butt and back... And what is the best way to target these muscle groups? Make compound exercises the cornerstone of your muscle building routine, paying SPECIAL attention to the squat exercise and the deadlift

    Ignore these two important exercises and all your hard work in the gym will count for nothing :-(

    2. EAT. This should be the easiest part of the muscle building equation, but again, confusion reigns. However, by following some sensible nutrition guidelines, this confusion can be surmounted. So how much muscle building foods do you need to eat and what is the best diet?

    The best diet is one which focusses on natural, whole foods and meets your calorific requirements in addition to the EXTRA calories needed to fuel the muscle building process. Moreover, the best diet meets your VITAMIN and MINERAL needs...

    Why is this so important? The rigors of bodybuilding DEMANDS good health; to attempt to build muscle without a healthy diet sets you up for failure. There is much truth in the saying, 'you are what you eat'. Eat WELL, and tip 2 will reward you with bigger muscles.

    3. REST. Rest, or to be more accurate, RECUPERATION, is often the most overlooked part of the muscle building process. And why is this 3rd step so vital to your success? Simply, you will FAIL to gain if you fail to REST. Your muscle building routine, and your muscle building diet, are only PARTS of the muscle building equation - without the necessary rest you will fail to grow.

    So how much rest do you need? Building muscle makes deep inroads into your recovery ability; this means you should aim for 3-5 days rest between workouts, and 8-12 hours sleep at night. Hit these targets, and you will be energized for your next workout.

    Important: the best tips on building muscle mean NOTHING if you fail to get adequate rest :-(

    For more, see High Intensity Training

In Summary

So are you looking for tips on building muscle fast?

The above building muscle tips will guarantee your success, bringing you the body you always wanted...

Follow the above tips for building muscle, and say hello to a more muscular you!

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