"Forget Iron-Man! Begin Building Muscle Without Weights in 3-Simple Steps"

Want an Iron-Man physique?

Building muscle without weights is simpler than you think.

Benefits of Muscle Building Without Weights

Picture the scene. All across the land, guys and gals energetically pump iron in their quest to build stronger and more attractive bodies.

And you know what? Building muscle with heavy iron works. Like a charm.

So why would you want to build muscle without weights?

Well, just consider the benefits:

  • Exercise anywhere
  • Exercise anytime
  • More variety
  • Fresh challenges
  • Build muscle safely.

Further benefits of building muscle without weights, includes impressive strength gains, improved flexibility and increased balance.

For example:

Imagine the strength, balance and flexibility required to perform a one-legged (pistols) squat - a true hardcore challenge for anyone brave enough to attempt it.

And what about the brute power required to perform overhead pushups? Again, a hardcore challenge which demands mountains of muscle and buckets of brawn.

These are just some of the amazing benefits available to you.

So are you ready to build muscles without weights?

Let's go check out your options.

Binning Your Barbell

The following options all have one thing in common: each style of training provides a unique way of delivering muscle building resistance when compared to the traditional methods of building muscles using a barbell and heavy iron.

Furthermore, the following options DEMAND muscle growth along with a healthy measure of aerobic endurance.

And the exciting news?

You can build muscle without weights QUICKLY, which makes them perfect for the Ordinary Jane and Joe!

Here is what strength, flexibility and balance looks like...

Photo courtesy of Thiago Floriano

3-Steps to Building Muscle Without Weights

    1. Body weight exercises to build muscle.

    Body weight exercises are number 1 in your weights-free muscle building arsenal. Why? No other exercise regimen is more portable, or more challenging.

    For proof, walk into your local gymnasium and see how many members have the muscular coordination to perform a one-legged squat, or the brute power to perform a handstand press-up, or the functional strength to perform one-arm pushups. And just how many of those same gym members can dip full body weight with perfect form for 12 or more repetitions, or can perform full body weight chin-ups for the same number? Not many is your answer.

    So if you are searching for a CHALLENGE while you build muscle, this regimen is difficult to beat.

    Still think you can't build muscle using body weight exercises?

    For further proof and a body weight workout you can take on the road, go to: FIT BUSINESS TRIP - a 10-minute, time-crunched program specifically designed for the busy professional! Discover the SECRET methods busy Execs are using to BURN FAT, stay trim and SURVIVE business travel, with FAST, EFFECTIVE workouts in their HOTEL ROOMS!

    2. Resistance bands to build muscle.

    Resistance bands training provides a unique way of exercising which, like body weight exercises, is portable...

    In fact, an entire gymnasium can travel with you in your sports bag!

    But I know what you're thinking: "Isn't resistance bands training for old folks?"

    This is a common misconception and an unjust one. For example: consider the strength required to perform a handful of press-ups with an ADDITIONAL 50-80 pounds of resistance fastened to your middle, or the leg-power required to perform lunges with 100 or more pounds of resistance gripped tightly in your fingers. Such strength requires MUSCLE - whether you're young, old, or somewhere in-between!

    Moreover, resistance band training can build muscles SAFELY making them an EXCELLENT muscle building alternative to your dumbbell and barbell.

    3. Sandbag training to build muscle.

    Unlike options 1 and 2, our third option is NOT portable. However, this regimen's lack of portability is comfortably countered by the unique challenges presented to you.

    Indeed, for a lung-busting, heart-thumping, muscle-bulging workout - sandbag training goes straight to the top of the class!

    So how does sandbag training achieve this muscle building miracle?

    A productive sandbag routine provides a total body workout by utilizing the whole body when exercising. For instance: imagine the endurance and strength required to clean and press and carry a 50-80 pounds sandbag! This kind of routine builds serious muscles in addition to aerobics endurance. And the really cool part? Here's abbreviated training at its kick-ass best.

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