"Body Weight Exercises - Your Budget Friendly Body Weight Home Gym"

Forget expensive gym memberships. Body weight exercises can help you build your dream body on a budget!

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Your Budget Friendly Portable Home Gym

Sick of paying sky-high gym membership fees? Then maybe it's time you tried the ultimate budget friendly portable home gym.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a more seasoned lifter, bodyweight exercises can help you build your dream body while saving you money.

For example: this way of training can be as simple as the basic press up for the chest. Or for the more advanced strongman, how do handstand press-ups sound? (This move gives the shoulders, arms, chest and core a terrific workout.)

Unlike a conventional weights workout, building muscle without weights challenges the muscles in a uniquely different way. Here control and coordination play a vital role in an exercise's execution. Furthermore, this way of exercising can sometimes make a welcome change and push you onto greater, unexpected gains.

Now let's see how it's done:

Bodyweight Press Up

    Using the basic press up for our chest exercise, elevate the feet to increase the exercise's difficulty. 
    Still too easy? Then kick your feet up high onto the nearest wall and perform your press ups from there. 

    Important Tip: An excellent bodyweight exercise that mirrors the press up is the dip exercise. Grip the backs of two strong chairs and lower your full body weight between them. Here, unlike the press up, the upper body gets to do ALL the work!

    For more fantastic tips go to: UNIQUE-BODYWEIGHT-EXERCISES - a site dedicated to building muscle and fitness through bodyweight exercise.


    If press ups are too easy and you want to get a 'feel' for the handstand press up but aren't yet strong enough, try performing a 'static hold'.

    Here is what you do: Simply, kick your feet into position and hold your body in a handstand. Now hold your handstand for a count of thirty progressing up to one minute.

    A further benefit to exercising this way? You get to build cable-like connective ligament tissue - a valuable goal for the muscle building trainee.


    When a static hold is easy, begin lowering yourself slowly and hold this position. 

    Again hold for a count of thirty.

    This is a great way of training the shoulders, arms and chest as you build to a full bodyweight handstand press up.


    Further improvements can be achieved by performing partial repetitions. 

    Here you lower your upper body one-half of a repetition then slowly push back up. In time, you will soon manage a full, perfect repetition in solid style.

Body Weight Exercises That You Love? Write About Them Here!

Body weight exercises are the ultimate portable home gym - what is your best? Do pull-ups get your vote, or maybe you're a fan of the dip? Share your favorite body weight exercises tips and secrets!

Your Best Body Weight Exercises

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