Chin Up... Muscle Building For The Arms and Back

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Looking for a fast-track, shortcut to muscle building for the arms and upper back?

The Chin Up is your answer!

Building Your Back

A question I get asked: 'If The Chin Up is so darn good, why does nobody do it?'

It ain't easy! is my reply.

Like The Dip Exercise, The Chin-Up takes some practice; and LIKE The Dip, it is practice that more than repays the effort involved.

How does THIS sound?

  • Super-charged results
  • Increased strength
  • Improved posture
  • Energy to spare!

Furthermore, your self-belief will skyrocket as you build big biceps!

Check out these results:

  • A full BACK
  • Toned ARMS

With benefits:

  • Increased CONFIDENCE
  • Improved FOCUS
  • Enhanced POWER.

    Want a gorilla grip? See grip strength training

Beast Exercise For The Arms and Back

The Chin, along with The Dip, is a beast exercise for the upper body. By working the upper body hard, it puts muscle growth and fitness onto the express train!

The Chin will do more for your arms than a handful of concentration curls ever could...

And if you want a toned and full back?

Ignore the rowing station at your gym, in favor of a TRUE back-builder!

    For those unable to do 'chins', see: EXERCISE ALTERNATIVES

In Summary

So you now know what this exciting exercise will do for you. Mapped out are the exciting gains you can expect to make!!

All that is required now, is to meet the last member of this Fantastic Foursome.

It's time we got to meet the turbo-charged:

Hindu Squat!

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