Deadlift Technique - How to Deadlift Like Wolverine and Tame The Beast

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ant to know how to deadlift like Wolverine?

Your deadlift technique holds the key to this beast exercise!

Deadlift Exercise - Can You Tame The Beast?

The deadlift exercise is a beast exercise. Moreover, its potential for contributing to one's overall strength and muscular mass, easily rivals its muscle building cousin, the squat.

Consider these deadlift benefits:

  • Strong back
  • Improved posture
  • Increased endurance
  • Build mass
So if the deadlift is so effective, why do so many trainees avoid it?

How to Perform a Deadlift Properly - The Beast Bites Back

There are at least 3 factors which work against the deadlift exercise's popularity:

    a) Deadlifts are tough. Because of the large muscle groups involved, and the heavy weights employed, deadlifts are simply hard work.

    b) Many trainees fear them. Poor deadlift technique or a badly executed deadlift workout, often leads to a fear of this exercise.

    c) Deadlifts will hurt your back. A concern for back problems means many trainees prefer not to work this area with such a brutal body builder.

But there is good news. Your motivation and proper deadlift technique will comfortably handle the first two concerns.

And what of the third?

Many trainees have found the deadlift exercise combined with an effective deadlift workout, is the best prescription for building a healthy and strong back.

So are you ready to embrace this beast exercise, and deadlift like Wolverine?

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Deadlift Technique - How To Deadlift

    1. Add Weight Slowly. Like the squat, you should learn to deadlift properly before concerning yourself with the weight on your bar. Attempt to pull a weight that is beyond you, and you will very likely hurt yourself. In view of this, please begin to add weight slowly as you learn how to deadlift.

    2. Feet First. Your starting position requires your feet to be spaced so your grip lines up with your ankles. Why? You want to avoid your hands getting in the way of the tops of your thighs when in the standing position. Other pointers: keep your heels a fraction closer than your toes, with your toes pointed out a little. Wear shoes with a small or no heel.

    3. Bar Position. Your deadlift bar should be neither too close to you or too far away from you. How is this important? If you are too far from your deadlift bar, it will travel away from your body and put undue stress onto your lower back. Alternatively, if your deadlift bar is too close, you will pull the bar into your upper legs, or into your shins.

    4. Starting to Lift. Before you begin your pull, the knees should be well bent, with the the hips lower than the shoulders. The back should also be flat and head looking up and forward. Important: avoid making the deadlift a pulling exercise. Proper deadlift technique involves the legs and back lifting together.

    5. Moving The Bar. Make your starting pull controlled. The trick is to squeeze the bar from the floor. Correct foot positioning should mean the strain of the exercise is felt through the middle of your foot, as you begin to pull at the bar.

    6. Deadlift Performance. Keeping your head up, drive your shoulders back as you begin to pull on the deadlift bar. Why is this crucial? This action will encourage a flat back and your hips from rising too fast. The bar also needs to travel close to your legs. If deadlifting well, you will soon find your exercise groove.

    7. Stand Tall. When you complete the deadlift, avoid thrusting your hips forward or pulling the shoulders back, as doing these movements will cause possible injury to your lower back. Instead, stand upright at the top of your deadlift. Once in position, return the bar to the floor in the same controlled manner.

    Congratulations! You just performed the perfect deadlift!

In Summary

Knowing how to perform a deadlift properly is crucial in your quest to build mass. And if you want to deadlift like Wolverine? Your deadlift technique will help you tame this beast!

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