"3 Winning Weight Lifting Tips to Skyrocket Your Training Success"

Be a winner with these 3 easy-to-follow weight lifting tips that guarantee your training success. 

3 Steps to Success

Everyone wants to be a winner in life, and most everything we do revolves around this basic desire. The formula for success in any endeavor is easy: plan, prepare and expect to win. 

Sounds simple. So why does this winning attitude so often go missing during training?

Well, confusion is partly to blame. Because much bewilderment surrounds weight lifting and training, the typical trainee routinely finds themselves on the fast-track to burnout and injury: by attempting to do everything, they succeed in achieving nothing. The result? They end up on the losing side.

But don't despair. There is good news. If you need a winning plan, the following muscle building advice and weight lifting tips will help skyrocket you to success.

Weight Lifting Tips to Skyrocket You to Success

    1. Choose wisely.

    Since any weight lifting benefits are directly influenced by your choice of exercise, choose them wisely.

    But which muscle building exercises should you use? The answer is simple: the correct exercises for YOU. 

    As no two people are alike, your choice of exercises should be tailored to your individual needs and genetic make-up. For instance: tall, long-limbed trainees typically respond to the deadlift exercise better when compared to squats due to leverage issues. Alternatively, the squat exercise generally favors the shorter-limbed trainee - such factors should be taken into consideration when making your exercise choice...

    For example: do you struggle to bench press, yet discover the dip exercise produces better results? Then select the exercise that WORKS FOR YOU. This is one of the easiest and simplest weight lifting tips you can follow, yet you will avoid countless hours of frustration and possible injury by obeying your genetic strengths. 

    Choose your basic weight lifting exercises wisely. Choose what works.

    2. Right routine.

    Selecting the right weight lifting routine is critical to any gains you might make. For example, a busy mom or dad will struggle to train 3 times per week using a full-body routine, just as someone weight training over 50 will require more recovery time between workouts. 

    A better approach would involve selecting a full-body workout trained every 3-5 days or some type of split routine. Such an abbreviated workout would typically allow for recovery plus a strength and/or muscle increase, with no risk of burn-out or injury...

    So which is the best weight lifting routine? Here is what trainer to the stars, Mike Ryan says: "The fundamental training principles are based on the core bodybuilding moves such as squats, deadlifts, presses - simple moves." This means the best routine is one that focuses on the largest muscle groups, i.e., the legs, hips, butt and back...

    And what is the most efficient way to target these muscle groups? Make compound exercises the cornerstone of your workouts.

    To learn more, see Simple Strength Training.

    3. Perfect practice.

    More injury is caused by ignoring this weight lifting tips rule, yet practicing perfect weight lifting form is easy if you heed the following important message:

    Earn the weight on your bar!

    What do I mean by that? STOP if you find yourself adding weight onto your barbell BEFORE you are physically ready. In a hurry to lift big weights, you might be sacrificing form and CHEATING the weight up.

    Walk into any gymnasium, and you will see trainees hoisting heavy weights that are light years beyond them - this is the road to certain injury.

    So what is the answer?

  • Select weights that comfortably fall WITHIN your limits, working PROGRESSIVELY into heavier poundages.
  • Practice a controlled rep speed.
  • Follow SMOOTH exercise form - NO JERKY MOVEMENTS! Learn how to squat correctly and practice proper deadlift technique
  • Use exercise visualization to push you onto greater gains.
  • Chart your building muscle goals with your personal training log.
  • Avoid training to failure. Instead, keep one rep "in the tank" as this simple act ensures you retain perfect form at all times. Do THIS, and your gains will be earned safely. Click here for more building muscle tips

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