Deep Breathing Squats

by John Pike

Breathing properly is key to accelerate muscle growth, as stimulating the nerve at the muscle causes the brain to release and identify which muscle groups need to grow.

And the secret?

Use the kind of poundage that allows you to breathe fluently, as most super-heavy presses do not allow the lungs to open or close. The result: if you lift too heavy, you end up creating a chirpy breath in and out!

I was happy to see the "Pull Overs" mentioned too. Although considered "Old School", the Pull Over technique (performed properly) is the best-of-the-best when used as a deep breathing exercise.

Some tips: I never allow the weight to hover directly over my head or chest area, as this puts you into the "Dead Zone" - so I begin my descent backwards to a full stretch BEFORE the zone, and pause at the bottom of the movement.

The benefits are endless:

  1. You will expand your rib cage (ask Arnold), this adds depth to your side-chest shot.

  2. You will hit your intercostals like no other method. This builds freaky definition as the abs become the rib cage.

  3. You thicken the muscle directly under your arm pits (Lee Haney). Because most kids neglect this powerful muscle growth movement, they have no front laterals spread.

  4. You will get a great energy boost. Unbelievable, yes, but when I am feeling a little pooped, I will do a set or two of pull overs and they refresh my blood oxygen and I go like heck again!

In many exercises, a change of method can often take you to a higher place, the brain needs stimulation too (not just the muscle). Concentrate on every rep, do not take any rep for granted, this is how you become great!

John the Muscle Guy, 5' 9"...250 lbs, 18.25 guns

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A Community of Health
by: John (muscle by)

What truly attracted me to bodybuilding was the Community of Fellowship. I was a very late bloomer, skinny and weak. As a teen my heart was suffering because I was 'not all that'.

But one day, another young fella asked me if I would like to check out the school gym. We became friends, and I owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for the inspiration and the coaching.

In a world of haves and have nots, we can still make a difference in another person's life, if we choose. We can all join together in gratitude and thanks, for those visionaries who carry us forward with wisdom and genuine brotherly concern.

I thank this site for helping me get the good news out there. We meet our best friends in the strangest places...

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