Grow Bigger Biceps

by John Pike

Wide grip chin ups grow bigger biceps, but biceps are primarily stimulated at the elbow insersion (both heads).

If you hang from a chin up bar, arms wide apart and palms away, you will feel the pressure in the stretch of the biceps tendon as it enters the elbow at the forearm.

If you hang long enough, the muscle will begin to burn - especially if previous biceps training has been done.

A "grow bigger biceps" tip for you?

If you take some long, deep breaths and blow your lungs clear while you hang from these for a couple minutes, the burn will increase. Why? Because your biceps are working hard holding you in place (Static). I refer to this method as iso-static, as it imitates iso-metric, but must be held in place for greater lengths of time.

In this position, the bicep is stretched out 100% (a full negative). However, a word of caution: please do not attempt this method when muscles are cold.

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