by Pavel Blažek
(Czech Republic)

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"Best Shape of My Life"

HEAVY DUTY is an amazing workout. It helped burn 24 kg of fat and I was in the best shape of my life!

Here is my workout.

    1. Pec fly + machine bench press 1 x 6-10
    2. Machine lateral raise, shoulder press + Rear Delt 1 x 6-10
    3. Triceps pressdown + dips

    1. Cable pullover + underhand pulldown 1 x 6-10 

    2. Deadlift 1 x 5-8 

    3. Standing bicep curl 1 x 6-10


    1. Leg extension + 1 x 12-20 Squats
    2. Leg curl 1 x 15-20
    3. Calf raise 1 x 25
4. Lower abs 1 x 15

~ Pavel Blažek

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