Hindu Pushups... Can YOU Hindu Pushup to Power and Fitness?

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ime to banish your bench press?

Learn why Hindu Pushups are your fast-track to power and fitness.

The Hindu Pushup... and why this exercise should be a part of your day

My first experience of this exercise began a couple of years ago. Already convinced by the hindu squat's efficacy (visitors to this website will know I am a huge fan of this mighty marvel), I decided to give this powerful pushup a try.

Like the hindu squat, the hindu pushup appears deceptively simple. However, this impression is soon reversed on completion of your first set - indeed, for a complete upper body workout, this exercise is hard to beat.

Pushup to Power

So what makes this remarkable pushup so effective? Simply, this exercise builds strength as it builds endurance.

This fantastic feat is achieved by utilizing the whole body from the ends of your toes to the tips of your fingers. Forget the traditional bench press which only targets your chest, shoulders and arms - THIS pushup also targets your calves, thighs, hamstrings, buttocks, stomach and back, in addition to giving your shoulders, arms and chest a high-energy workout...

And the exciting part?

You can practice hindu pushups anytime and anywhere!

Here are just some of the hindu push up benefits you can expect:

  • Build strength
  • Gain muscle
  • Improve endurance
  • Lose fat
  • Boost metabolism
So are you ready to bin your bench press and give this powerful pushup a try?

How to Do Hindu Pushups

    1. Butt out.

    Get onto all fours and push your butt out into the air. Your back will be bent as if you are making a triangle, and your head should be aligned with your back and facing towards your feet. This is your starting position.

    2. Deep breaths.

    Inhale deeply and then sweep down in a circular arc motion. As you sweep, bend back and look upwards at the ceiling as you exhale.

    3. Terrific triangles.

    From this position, push backwards and up into your starting triangle position (your butt in the air, hands and feet on the ground). This is one repetition.

    Hindu Pushup Pictures, Images and Photos

    4. Relaxed rhythm.

    Your breathing, as with the hindu squat, is an important and beneficial part of the exercise. The hindu pushup should never feel hurried but should follow a calm, relaxed rhythm. Form is vital and should NEVER be sacrificed for the sake of extra reps (it is better to perform 10 perfect hindu pushup repetitions than a ragged and uncontrolled 50).

    5. Beginner reps.

    Slowly add repetitions to your pushups as your strength and endurance builds. Aim for 20 or so reps in the beginning, and more again as you improve.

    6. Total training.

    Looking for a hindu push ups aerobics boost? Hindu squats and pushups can be alternated, providing total body training. How? Spend one minute hindu squatting then switch to pushups for one minute, and REPEAT for a further minute. This magic aerobics combo will get your muscles working and your heart thumping!

In Summary

Trash your trampoline and jilt your jogging. For an aerobic workout which BUILDS MUSCLE, hindu pushups are tough to beat.

This pushup also targets your torso which means you get to build your arms, shoulders, chest and back while you enjoy your aerobics. The benefit to you?

You get your power workout fast!

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