"Homemade Chin Up Bar - How to Build a Home Gym DIY Guide"

Hungry for a homemade chin up bar that won't bust the budget?

If power drills don't panic you, let your DIY guide show the way.

Your Cheap Home Gym - DIY Style

It's an undeniable fact: a whizz-bang home gym can cost you a pile of the folding green stuff - and if you get your exercise out of the family home? - yearly gym membership fees can cost you the price of a sunshine holiday.

Indeed, latest UK figures shows the average adult spends upwards of £300 a year on gym membership fees alone. And the scary part? Many of these gym memberships often go unused, costing Britons £37 million a year!

So if you're looking to economize, or just want to try your hand at a fun project, this article is for you.

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How to Build a Home Gym

If a power drill holds no fear for you, making a homemade chin-up bar isn't all that difficult, and will cost you only materials and your time.

And for any doubting Thomases out there?

If you can follow a cookery recipe, you already have ALL the skills you need.

My first homemade bar was built from left-over lumbar from an earlier project, so putting the thing together cost a bag of universal screws and an hour.

These days, my pull ups happen on the chin up bars I welded onto my home gym - a heavy duty solution, but one that works just swell.

Homemade Chin Up Bar Ideas

An excellent site I have used in the past, has helped me build all manner of home gym apparatus: from squat stands to dipping frames, there is little you can't create with a set of clear instructions and power screwdriver.

If you are stuck for ideas, how does this sound?

  • Wall mount chin up bar
  • Chin up bar stand
  • Doorway chin up bar
  • Homemade chin up bar for basement rafters

This is just a small selection of some of the stuff you can build when looking to set up a home gym

To discover more amazing DIY homegym projects, visit Angel Fire

In Summary

Hungry for a homemade chin up bar that won't bust the budget? A little creativity can go a long way when building a home gym.

So if your first impulse isn't to run at the mention of DIY, why don't you give it a try? Not only will your efforts save you the cost of your next holiday, but will give you years of training pleasure.

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