"Set Up a Home Gym - How to Design Your Ultimate Home Gym Terminator Style"

Looking to set up a home gym and do your training Terminator Style?

Follow your 3 step-guide to an ultimate home gym.

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Rise of The Machines?

There is a cool crane chase in Terminator 3 where Arnold Schwarzenegger valiantly clings onto a 160 ton crane, as the TX driving upfront tries to 'shake him off'.

Speeding through the streets of Los Angeles, Arnold's nemesis swerves the crane onto the pavement, sending our hero through the front of a two story building...


Shattered glass everywhere...masonry falling...but Arnold refuses to relinquish his grip as fire lights the sky like an atom bomb.


The walls collapsing...choking plumes of smoke billowing, but STILL Arnold WILL NOT QUIT.

Seemingly bombproof, Arnold instead fights his way through the debris in readiness to do battle.

"I'll be back?"

You betcha!

It's this SAME bomb-proofness you should think of when designing a home gym.

How to Set Up a Home Gym - Your Ultimate Home Gym Terminator Style

Arnold took a fierce bashing on the back of that crane. Happily, both you and your wallet can avoid this kind of punishment with the following set up a home gym tips.

    1. Beware your budget.

    This is Step Number 1 for a reason, as it not only determines the quality of your home gym purchase, but whether you buy your exercise equipment second-hand or new. While it is not impossible to kit out a starter home gym for under 50 dollars, it makes sense to spend a little more if your budget will allow it.

    How much will it cost you to set up a home gym?

    A budget of 100 dollars will buy you a second-hand hex bar and a lorry load of plates (there are great deals to be had online, or indeed, in your local newspaper). And if you double your budget? Now you can afford a squat rack and bar...

    These three items of home gym equipment will build your body in ALL the right places!

    2. Buy bombproof.

    Remember Arnold hanging off the back of that 160 ton crane? He DID NOT QUIT and neither should your gym equipment.

    There is a tendency for the home gym user to buy the latest fitness gizmo, or to purchase a home gym they will soon outgrow - DON'T DO IT! For the same cost, you can purchase gym equipment that is bombproof, and will provide a lifetime's unyielding service - equipment that will GROW WITH YOU!

    An excellent starter home gym would include a hex bar with plates, or Olympic bar with stands; throw a dipping belt into the mix, and you will comfortably target ALL key muscle groups.

    And what about a home gym machine?

    To buy quality requires your spending money - premium home gym machine's do not come cheap! However, if your budget allows it, purchase your machine by following the above criteria: make it bombproof!

    For a bombproof home gym machine, see here for your Soloflex review.

    3. Location is king.

    There is no point buying a home gym machine with all the add-on accessories, if you DON'T have the room for it! Does this sound obvious? You would be surprised how many trainees purchase a home gym only to find it will not fit into the corner of their garage, or will not go into the box room - so KNOW YOUR LOCATION! (A measuring tape can save you a lot of heartache and embarrassment.)

    While knowing your home gym's footprint is step one, ALSO beware your home gym's height, as a low ceiling will play havoc with your overhead presses! Anticipate a minimum 8 ft x 6 ft area - this space allows you to exercise and load your bar or machine SAFELY. For example, a hex bar and dipping stands takes up little room, but will happily put you on the muscle building fast-track...

    Designing a home gym requires you to tailor your choice to your demands and needs. Follow these steps, and you will set up a home gym that is perfect for you.

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