How Many Calories to Build Muscle?

How many calories do I need to gain mass? Some of the forums suggest figures of 6,000 calories! This seems a lot :-O

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How Many Calories for Muscle Building?
by: Lee

An effective way to test your calorie intake is by listening to your appetite. For example, your hunger can tell you if your weight training is going well, and if you are gaining.

From personal experience, I can happily eat a horse (metaphorically speaking) after heavy, intense, 20 rep squats. This appetite boost is usually an accurate indicator that the workouts are progressing - I am building muscle - and my body is functioning optimally.

More calories when you don't need them is something I generally try to avoid, as overeating not only hurts the waistband on your pants, but also your wallet! ;-)

Instead of counting calories, try to follow the nutrition advice on this site, and keep an eye on your waist measurement: if your trouser size remains constant, and the needle on your bathroom scales continue to climb, chances are you are building muscle and not gaining fat.

Good luck!

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