Intense Training Workouts

by John Pike

Intense training workouts are key to growing big and strong muscles. And while the term 'intensity' is used in many articles about creating more muscle, oftentimes the result is many young people translate intensity as meaning more reps, more sets, more weight and in less time!

I see a lot of well-defined bodies in the gym, but the scale of mass on these bodies is tiny. For instance, 5 feet 10 inches tall, 165 lbs...ripped and peaked.

I am 5 feet 9 inches tall at 247 lbs and 8% fat.

Intensity of Training

First things first, I do my deadlifts and my squats heavy and religiously 3 times a week. No legs will always equal no upper body!

Because the human body is a holistically functioning entity that requires ALL major and minor muscle groups be vigorously trained as part of a body building regimen, if a body part is neglected, ALL OTHER PARTS will suffer. Besides, nothing is more laughable than some guy strutting around with calves like my girlfriend!

But with regards to intensity of training, one's focus should go onto the rep and the set. This DOES NOT include extreme-heavy! It is all about form and style and technique.


Next comes the rest period between your sets. I take up to 5 minutes between sets. Why so long? A fully recovered muscle will respond with vigor, while by contrast, a poorly recovered muscle will end up becoming injured!

And these injuries are not always manifest in that day or week. Such stress factors can show up much later, creating calcification on connective tissue, inflammation, and all kinds of growth inhibitors!

If you do not rest properly between sets, you are sending the message to the nerve and then the brain, which says this muscle group is an endurance muscle group. Look at endurance-muscled people like long distance runners and Tour de France bicycle riders, and you will see their muscles are small and hard to enable the body to use energy more effectively.

How Hard to Train

So how hard to train?

Focus your intensity into the repetition (technique), take your rests long (3-5 minutes), and this will teach the muscle that it DOES NOT need to become an endurance muscle.

If you practice intense training workouts, and follow the above key factors, you WILL grow big and strong muscles.

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by: Muscle by John

I have written articles for several muscle mags. All of them are in the top ten. But today I am encouraged more, because this website and its creators took the time to thank me and go as far to have me consider this website my home.

And we all know, that home is where the heart is.

There is a higher form of fitness, beyond the human body. It is a place where we are all equal and all worthy. And when we reach out to say thank you, surely we are there...

I hope to see you all soon, as I make my way in this life.

Remember this: you will never move forward if you are looking back...yesterday is gone...

The Mind and Body Connection
by: Anonymous

Funny how on some days we can suddenly have so much clarity. I always believed the human brain was the control center of the human body. After all, we know that the central nervous system is operated by the brain, and that nothing in the body gets done unless the brain says so - but then I thought to myself, what then is the "Mind" all about?

I suddenly realized, that the distance, or the space between the mind and the brain, is where the human spirit lives. And I thought to myself, "Imagine if the mind and the brain were as one" - then whatever we did imagine, our bodies would be able to do!

For me, bodybuilding has created a way to teach my body, through repeated discipline and thoughful care, to create a mechanism that certainly IS "mind over matter".

As the proverb says: "Physician, heal thyself". Yes, there is much more to bodybuilding than pumping weights...

Beginner Guide to Weight Training
by: Muscle by John

After reading the "Beginner Guide", I want to offer the readers the following important points:

1. Be certain of why you want to go forward. If it is for frivolous or egotistical reasons, you will fail. Over forty years' training experience tells me this is so.
2. Ask your questions to those who can be trusted. There are no short cuts in this business.
3. Be prepared to do the very basics until you have a strong physical foundation!
4. Do not push yourself too hard. Do a maximum of three sets - 10 reps, 9, then 8, then move onto another muscle.
5. Use correct lifting form, and use a weight that you can manage with ease. The heavy stuff can come in the months ahead.
6. Don't hesitate to write into this website with your concerns!

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